How to not lose half your worth in next couple years

Over the next 2 to 5 years, you’re going to see the middle class destroyed. People who have worked their entire lives, pay for a mortgage and create a life for them, and their families will be on the brink of destruction.

I’ve been preaching the gospel of creating cashflow businesses for years. Probably sounded like a crazy person at times.

How to not lose half your worth in next couple years

While I’m optimistic of the coming years, this is only if you design your life to weather is the coming storm.

> What you see happening in the news with China and their new allies.

> The US dollar being removed as the world currency.

> Tons of money being printed over the last 3 years.

All of this serves a greater purpose. A purpose which does not benefit you or your family.

You can put your head in the sand as most people do. Thinking what happens happens.

However, if/when the reality happens where you have no option to put food on the table, other than adhering to whatever stupid rules are normalized in a future timeline.

You’ll be thinking back to the good ole days…

AKA this current moment you’re in right now.

Kicking yourself for not getting started sooner

But hey, listen I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I simply am here to share what’s working for me and 1,000’s of my students.

Let’s talk about the facts. Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine.

He lives in America, and I finally convinced him to make his way out to Dubai for a few days…

1. He was bragging about how his job recently increased his monthly pay to 4k USD a month.

2. His girl makes about 2k a month.

3. They’ve got a baby on the way,

We got to talking about where the world is going, and I could see he was legitimately terrified.

Having a kid seems to put the fear of God into some people.

I told him pull out your phone…

Go to google and type in:

“Average income for 27 year old males in the USA”

As he started reading, his eyes got bigger.

What is the average salary for 27 years old in the USA?

For Americans ages 25 to 34, the median salary is $1,000 per week or $52,000 per year.

In the grand scheme of things this sounds solid.

However, 1k a week would barely cover me eating out in a week. Let alone take care of my family, rent, and staff.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck…

I’m still in contact with family members and friends of mine who have decided to stick to the 9 to 5 model.

If people in America, the land of opportunity are living paycheck to paycheck.

Stressed about how they’re going to pay their house off, clear their college debt, let alone be able to put money away for retirement.

I can’t even imagine what the rest of the world is going through.

No, once again, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

There is a sense of serenity about only having to clock in for X amount of hours. Then you have the rest of your day to yourself.

You don’t have to worry about operating a business or sending text messages to clients.

Simply show up collect your check, go home.

There’s pros and cons everything in life.

My biggest issue with a 9 to 5 model is there is hardly any upward potential.

No matter how much energy you have. Very rarely are you ever going to be paid what you’re worth.

Within freelancing as I teach it, your only limitation is sending more DM’s and fulfilling more clients.

Meaning if you want an extra 3k this month, it’s a client or two away.

It isn’t hard. It is actually very simple.

1. All you have to do is show up every day.

2. Follow the process I have put out there step-by-step.

3. And you will progress.

From my POV:

Time is going to continue passing whether you like it or not. You may as well leverage this current moment while you have your 9-to-5. Use your free time to set up a cashflow business with zero desperation.

Allow your paycheck to cover your bills. While your freelancing business sets you up to be rich.

This is 1 of the 9 courses from me you get your hands on + I speak to my students daily on a live call, to answer your questions.

Click here if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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