4 Lessons Traveling Around The World Taught Me

I spent 4 years going around the world. From Europe to the Middle East to South/Central America. In that time, I learned quite a bit about the world and want to share some of those lessons with you before you start doing your travels as well. Here are 4 lessons traveling around the world taught me.

4 Lessons Traveling Around The World Taught Me

World travel isn’t something you want to do as an escape. I’ve seen expat losers who run from themselves for years. Living out of hostels and cheap places. Partying and acting like they’re spiritual.

1) Family & religion are the foundation of a strong culture

Coming from the USA, you take family and religion for granted. Especially if you’re in your 20’s as I am.

I was up in some Romanian village where electricity is nonexistent unless you have a generator. We were all talking to this family over some chicken, pork, and potatoes.

When it hit me,

The grand parents, their children, and their children’s children all lived together. As an American that’s something you NEVER see.

Sure – you will see everyone together on holiday. You will never see everyone living under the same roof.

Where I’m from you’re a loser if you aren’t outta the house by 18.

Point being this family was nice. While I don’t think you need to live under one roof – I do however believe having a strong family unit and believing in God makes us strong.

It’s hard to manipulate a person when they’ve got a family structure around them and deep beliefs in a higher power.

2) Humans mostly want the same things

Us humans basically want the same things. We all want love from another person, we want to do things we’re proud of, we enjoy success, and have certain fears.

As a person making their way in the world, understanding this will both make you mentally strong and aware. While also giving you a tool to help others get what they want, while getting what you want.

They want us divided and thinking we’re all different. In reality, we all are more similar than we are different.

Understand this and prosper.

3) The US influences the tiny Eastern European village all the way to the streets of Doha

From traveling all around Eastern Europe to walking the streets of Doha, I saw the US influence everywhere.

From style, to food, to music – the US has a massive influence on the world we live in.

Meaning, you can’t escape it – so you may as well accept that reality and move from there with intention. Too many people waste their energy complaining about things they CAN NOT change.

When you could put that same energy into building a high paying skill, making a few home bases, and building the life you want.

4) You’ll never find what you want in your hometown

If I would’ve stayed in Charleston, I would’ve lost my drive and there’s no telling where I’d be today. I am thankful I felt the desire to see the world and build something more for myself.

Asunción, Paraguay – Dylan Madden

You simply can’t get to where you need to be if you remain in the same environment, around the same people, thinking the same thoughts.

To find what you want, you must leave your hometown and become a man of international intrigue.

Here’s a quick checklist to get you international:

  1. Pick a skill
  2. Get testimonials
  3. Bring on 2-3 clients
  4. Earn in USD – spend in a weaker currency
  5. Retire your Mom
  6. Enjoy your life while putting cash flow into assets
  7. Work harder (hire)
  8. Move onto bigger stuff

If you’re interested in learning a high paying skill that’ll allow you to travel the world and build the life you want?

I have put together a program that’ll teach you how to build an email list, monetize it, and then you can package this skill into a service for clients.


Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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