Whether you’re leaving home for the first time. Or going off to college. Let’s talk about how to transmute your loneliness.

Before you get into the video below. What is transmutation? Very simply, transmutation is turning one thing into something else.

Back in the Dark Ages alchemists tried to turn lead to gold. Whether they figured that out or not doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you understand that loneliness is nothing more than energy. Which gives you two choices.

1) Let the loneliness consume you.

2) Transmute loneliness into something that’ll benefit you.

Most people go with the first choice. They turn to smoking pot, video-games, or many of the other distracting options.

While those things aren’t bad in moderation.

They keep you from taking advantage of all of the energy your loneliness offers you. Loneliness usually comes with excitement and anxiety.

I’ve been in situations where I felt lonely. The first time was when I living in Los Angeles. And many different travels after that.

Luckily, I learned how to transmute loneliness into something else. That something else was radical change.

From building my network and meeting people such as Kali Muscle. To experiencing things that few ever will.

All by the simple act of transmutation.

Now before you start overthinking this whole how to transmute loneliness thing. Go ahead and watch the video.

After you’re finished, I left you some notes below.

How to Transmute Loneliness Notes

As you and I discussed in the video. Loneliness is one of the biggest things to look out for when heading out into the world.

Loneliness can even hit you when you’re in your hometown. However, now you understand how to transmute loneliness into another form of energy.

Things such as…

  1. Working out
  2. Meeting new people
  3. Or building a business of some kind

By you doing these things, you’ll radically change your life. Because when you’re alone you really have nothing better to do.

Sure, you could stare at the wall.

But knowing you, you’d rather do something else with your life. Like improving yourself and leveling up in this game.

Before I learned how to transmute loneliness. I was stuck in life because it held me down like a 300-pound weight around my neck.

Once I learned how to transmute loneliness though. It was as if I took 3 Gorilla Mind Smooth and drank a huge cup of Red Coffee.

I went from being lonely to feeling excited to be on a new adventure. Something that really helped me to transmute my loneliness was 30 Days of Discipline.

When I was in Los Angeles 30 Days of Discipline forced me to improve daily.

It worked so well because it gives you different challenges and doesn’t require a gym membership. Just you and your discipline.

So I was able to do the physical side from the comfort of my bedroom. This was when I first started learning how to transmute my loneliness.

Transmuting my loneliness made my mind sharp and I lost 10 pounds in 1-month.

As for yourself. Whether you’re feeling lonely right now or you’re going to be out on your own soon.

The simple understanding of how loneliness is energy. Will take away it’s negative energy. Because you can now turn that energy into something else.

Whether that be by following 30 Days of Discipline. Or just getting out of your environment and doing something else.

Your days of having to cope with your loneliness are numbered. Because you just don’t have to settle anymore.

You now have the understanding on how to transmute loneliness with a simple shift of your energy. No magic pills required.

Here’s an overview of different parts of the video.

  • Loneliness is energy.
  • Energy can be transmuted into something else.
  • Hitting the gym, meeting new people, and side-hustles are ways to transmute loneliness into productive things.
  • MeetUp.com and Facebook groups are great ways to meet people.
  • Understanding what you want can luckily eliminate the intensity of loneliness. Take this free Script Creator.

Use this video and the notes above. You have everything that you need. You don’t have to put up with silly yet powerful things such as loneliness.

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  1. I found your blog through Victor and Mike. I fucking needed this man. I just moved to the UK from Ohio. Thank you! You just gained a subscriber.

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