It is no secret that many big YouTubers have been losing out on thousands of dollars. To add even more salt to the wound they’ve been losing out on traffic.

YouTube has had a shaky relationship with creators for some time now. All of these issues that you’ve been hearing about aren’t that new.

While this article isn’t bashing the use of YouTube (Big Fan) it will be showing you how to make more money and increase your traffic.

Due to complications with advertisers, controversial content, and a host of other issues YouTube has been cracking down on creators.

Some of the biggest names have been targeted. Learn from their mistakes and build yourself the right way.

Let’s start off with how to make more money with YouTube. Not only make money with YouTube but also protect yourself from them stealing it.

First off I want you to understand that YouTube Ad money isn’t anything. Even with a thousand views you won’t make much.

If you want to make a living from YouTube then let me give you two better ways.

1. You will promote your own products and affiliate products. This will let you maintain control of your brand.

Imagine coming to watch one of my videos and then you see an ad for the latest Tai Lopez course. Not only would the ad annoy you, but it would take you away from the video’s message.

For this reason I don’t monetize any of my video’s. Instead what you will see is me promoting Sites Delight or something else I believe in.

By promoting products and services related to your brand you will not only make more money, but you will maintain control of your image.

2. The second way you will make money from YouTube is by getting sponsors.

While I don’t use this method yet, I know someone who makes a few hundred a week using FameBit. He receives free products and then talks about them.

Don’t worry about this method though until you have 1,000 subscribers.

Why settle for peanuts that harm your brand when you can be selective and make a bag of nuts?

You now have two ways to make money with YouTube the right way. Now let’s talk about YouTube stealing traffic from you and you can fix it.

When someone watches one of your video’s, you have a 50/50 chance of them watching another.

More than likely they will see something eye catching in their recommended video feed that will take their attention.

This is essentially stealing traffic from your brand. Instead of them staying in your web they are being taken to other webs.

There is however a simple way that you can fix this. You will not only keep people in your web, but also increase traffic to your main website.

Your drop-rate will decrease and engagement will go up. If people aren’t getting engaged then you’re doing it wrong. Switch this up by getting people engaged with not only your articles but your videos all on your own website.

In this place you will import your videos onto the page where people can see the view count, subscribe to your channel, and better yet stay on your website.

There are many ways to do this but the most effective way that I’ve found is with Marketers Delight’s new video feature.

Within 10 minutes I created my own video showcase. Each video pops out and you can easily read anything that I put on the page for you.

Instead of putting yourself at the whims of YouTube, you now have the opportunity to do your it way like Sinatra.

Don’t let YouTube steal traffic or money from your work. Stand up for yourself this one time and see how much better it is when you count on yourself.

You can buy the Video Gallery feature here.

Tune in next time for some more…

REAL DEALIN’ With The Real Dylan

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  1. Solid post! This reminds me: I need to get on this update soon. Need to get in touch with that guy who runs my Sites Delight and figure out how to make that happen 😉

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