How Money Can Fix Your Miserable Life


Money can do many great things. One of the biggest things that money can do is make your life great while the lack of it can make your life miserable.

Do You Use Or Need Money?

Why do you go to work?

What do you do when you see that $85 pair of shoes that you want?

How do you get a plane ticket to fly to the destination of your choice?

How do you buy your woman a gift?

What runs the world?

The answer to every question above is one word- Money.

The Religious Claim It Is Righteous To Be Poor

(Not all religious people are ignorant, but a large number sadly are)

I do not care about your moral stance on money. I know religious people who think that it is holy to live a life of service to others while they live a miserable life due to their lack of money.

All I can do is laugh and shake my head at those type of people. In my world it is a Sin to be broke.

Being broke causes you to do things that you wouldn’t usually do. Being broke doesn’t allow you to help other people.

I find it funny that some people believe that it is righteous to be poor. I’ve been broke as a joke and let me tell you I didn’t feel righteous. 

Here Is A Simple Truth I Have Observed About Money:

  • When I don’t have money I feel like crap. Life seems miserable and I don’t feel like a Man.
  • When I have money I feel great and love life. I feel in control and  like I am The Man.

Money isn’t the elusive thing that people would have you believe. It is actually quite easy to get.

Something that I have learned is that when you chase money it flees, yet when you create things that supply a demand money will knock down doors to get to you.

While I am not rich or even close I am beginning to finally get the money that I’ve been wanting. 

I have been building this site for a year now and it is finally at the point where I am wanting it to be.

(There is a post coming soon for the 1 year Birthday of WOTO)

That isn’t because I cheated but because I put in work. I write not only so that I can make a living from my work, but also because my posts help people like you.

You want more out of life but you just don’t know exactly how to get there. Well it is much easier than you want to believe.

I have compiled 10 ways of how money can fix your life. Read every one of them and allow them to open your eyes.

10 Ways How Money Can Fix Your Miserable Life

Money can fix 98% of life’s problems-

In this world many of life’s problems are money related. This is a double edged sword.

That means that if you have money your life will be amazing, but if you are poor your life will be miserable in comparison. 

While you can argue that there are rich people who live miserable lives and poor people who are happy.

I can show you thousands of people who would rather have money than be poor.

Money allows you to buy experiences that you normally could not enjoy-

It doesn’t matter if it is a local concert or travelling around the world. If you do not have the money to do it then you are missing out on experiences that could add much to your life.

I’ve had times where I wanted to go out with friends but could not do so due to being low on money. Yet these days I am able to do more because I generally have plenty of play money.

A good friend of mine is about to go on a two-week cruise with his wife that costs $1,500.

They are going to travel to places such as Brazil, Bahamas, and Belize.  

He goes on a cruise once every year. The two of them have a blast and have met many new friends by going on these cruises. 

All of this is accomplished by…you guessed it money.

Money can literally save your life-

With money you have access to the best Health-Care money can buy. Also, if you were to get into trouble in another country you could bribe whoever you needed so that you could leave with no harm (This has never happened to me and hopefully it won’t happen to you either).

Whether it is the best medicine, surgery, or bribing you can see how important money is.

Money enables you to be of service to others-

From giving money to a good cause to being able to travel to another country to do good works money enables you to do that. 

If you are broke guess what?

You can’t do anything for anyone else. That is the reason I laugh at the people who claim being poor is righteous. 

Money allows you to have time to enjoy what you want-

When you have money you are able to use more of your time doing what you want. Currently if you are poor you have less time to do as you please since you are constantly trying to get money (unless you are lazy, which then again being poor means you are lazy unless you are working on fixing it).

Money gives you sex-

While I do not buy sex and look down on it, you can buy sex. There are many places where women/men will sell their bodies for your money.

On the other side of the coin if you want to have meaningful relationships you will need to offer more than money. You cannot have a good girl with money alone.

I will give you a post on how to get a good girl soon. 

Money can bring happiness to your family-

In my early life I had many days where my Mother would have to scrounge around the kitchen to find food for us to eat. She would go nights where she wouldn’t eat so that I could have morsels to eat. 

My Mother was a very strong woman who did all that she could so that I could be happy/successful. 

Something that my Mom has wanted to do since I was 8 years old was go to Scotland. With money I will be able to grant her wish.

I am planning a possible trip in 2016 to take her to Scotland  finally. I want to travel around the country for two weeks with her. 

For the last few days I plan to rent this Tower:

Money allows you to be more of yourself (or less)-

With money you have fewer limitations. You have access to more.

Since you have fewer limitations you can be more of yourself. 

If you are a generally “good person” money will amplify that. If you are generally a “bad person” then you will be even more of a piece of crap.

Simple as that.

Money gives you the best this world offers-

We have already seen all of the other great things money can give you, but what about luxury? From Ferrari’s, Fitted Clothes, to the best Laptop you can enjoy it all with money. 

As of now I don’t drive a Ferrari (far from it) but what I do have is usually a higher quality than other people around me. The reason for this is because what I spend my money on has to be the highest possible quality that I can afford.

I do not settle for anything less than what I want.

Money grants you access to mansions or the lack of it makes you accept the lesser. 

Money gives you more control over your life-

When I was always broke I was dependent on outside forces. Since I have been able to put myself in a better position financially I have access to something that most don’t.

The thing that I have is that I can tell people No.

Anyone who is dependant on someone for their living must tuck their tails between their legs. They must become Yes Men.

By having more money you will gain true power. I’m not talking about Esoteric BS here. I mean real genuine POWER.

Claim Your Power

This post should have brought more light on the topic of money for you. It is up to you to go out and make your life what you want it to be.

You can provide whatever lifestyle that you want for yourself and family. You can have anything that you want in this world if you earn it.

Why are you still broke?

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.


Dylan Madden

PS- Remember It Is All About The Money:

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  1. I agree; denying the huge impact money has on our lives doesn’t make any sense. The sole fact that money can buy you health (whether by being able to afford buying healthy food, vitamins, gym membership etc, or by paying for an expensive treatment) should be enough to convince a person in their right mind.

    Thank you for the link to my article!


  2. Great! It is very refreshing to read an article about the benefits of having money. Quotes like “Money doesn’t buy happiness” and thelike overflood us normally (also in the net).

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