A Conversation With Destiny While Riding In A Cab


Have you ever had a chance to speak with Destiny? In a 20 minute ride I learned a lot from a Cab driver about life.

Over the past few weeks I have been spending time with my Family and working on a Side-Project. While I love my current city of Charleston I had to get away to change-up the scenery. 

The town I visited is nothing of interest which is why I didn’t take any pictures. The biggest thing there is Starbucks, the Mall, and a lake that has a reputation for being nasty. 

I have considered moving there as my family has a large amount of land that I could live on. It is surrounded by woods and is away from the distractions of the town.

But after weighing my options I decided against the idea. I enjoy going to the beach and  exploring islands around Charleston which completely removed moving from my mind.

While there I went shooting. I shot everything from an AR-15, Ak-47, to a 9 mm with an extendo (Extended Magazine).

During the morning I would do my workout routine and then eat around 12 PM. I was able to take care of my business there within 3 days. 

Once my business was completed I spent time out on my family’s property and worked on a book I’ve been writing.

Nothing out of the unusual happened until….

I took a Cab to the local Movie Theater 

When I first got into the Cab and told him where I wanted to go I noticed he looked like an intelligent guy. From visiting NYC most of my Cab drivers didn’t look the brightest. 

He asked why I was visiting. I replied that I was visiting family and conducting some business. 

After we spoke about the general conversation fillers he told me about his story. It brought chills to my body.

He told me about how he had gone to College to become a Doctor. When he was in High School he had several business ideas that he felt very passionate about. 


His family has been in the Medical Field since his Great-Grandfather opened up the first little clinic a few towns away.

His Father convinced him that starting a business would be a waste of time and that he should follow the path that they had all followed.

So to appease his All Knowing Father he attended College and made it to Medical School. One year in he realized that being in the Medical Field wasn’t for him. 

He just couldn’t see why he should work 60 hours a week or more. The lifestyle that came with the Medical profession was unappealing to him. 

After he realized this he stopped going to class and eventually dropped out of Medical School. When he finally told his Father 3 months later his Father was furious. 

He moved back with his parents and began working at the local Grocery Store. As time progressed his Father informed him that it was time for him to move out and find a serious job. 

The Cab driver then went on to tell me about how he moved in with a friend that was into drugs. He began using Cocaine which ended up getting him locked up for 2 years.

Once he got out he was homeless for a time until his Father got him an Apartment and enough money to buy necessary things such as food and other house items.  

After filling out job application after job application he ended up getting a job as a Cab driver. 

He is now in his 40’s. This is an example of a Man who had the brains but didn’t have the balls to go out and get what he wanted. 

As we pulled up to my destination he looked back at me and told me something that resonated with me, “Young Man don’t do what I did. Go out and make something of yourself. Do not let anyone hold you back as I have.”

I responded, “Thank you for your words. I wish you the best of luck. It is not too late for you.”

To that he replied, “I am working on a new book about my life that I will sell on Amazon.”

I smiled and told him that was a great idea. As I got out I thought about talking further with him about how he could market his book etc but decided not to waste my time.

While what he said was good I have found that most people are full of crap. No matter what you do to help them it will not result in anything until they are ready to act.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. I spoke with Destiny and I had the “Secret” revealed to me.

You Must Take The Destiny That You Want

You can have whatever you want in life. You have been given everything you need to be successful.

You have unlimited knowledge at the tips of your fingers. You have platforms on which you can monetize your words such as Victor has done.

All you need is the Brains and the Balls to go out and get it. Believe me when I say it truly does take Brains and Balls to get what you want.

From creating a business to getting girls you must have these two things. It can be very intimidating when you are trying to build a business. 

I have had sleepless nights due to thoughts of doubt. 

Luckily I have a Young Hustler mindset. I focus only on the Mission and why I do what I do.

Until I release my book make sure and purchase Gorilla Mindset. To me this book is the modern-day version of Think and Grow Rich. 

What You Can Take From My Conversation With Destiny

Do not let anyone or anything keep you from what you want. If you have a business idea do whatever you must to launch it. 

This life of ours is too short to waste in some soul-crushing job that bores you. The reason your life is so bland right now is because you are not living the life that you want.

You have an average girlfriend that causes nothing but trouble for you.

You waste hours of time everyday watching TV or playing Video Games (I play games from time to time, but only after I have done what needs to be done).

You smoke your day away.

You waste 40+ hours a week at a job that will not get you what you wants.

Sit down and figure out what you want. Then go and make it happen.

Don’t think about it for 2 months.

You are going to be cursed to a life of mediocrity if you hesitate. If you do that then you deserve to live that life.

But if you decide on something and then act you deserve what you want. As long as you are committed then there is nothing that can knock you off course. 

I have enjoyed writing for you. Calm and Collected is almost One Year old.

Time has flown by! 

Personally I have evolved much and writing for Calm and Collected has forced me to live a life of excellence.

As we move forward into the future together I would like to have more feedback from you. I will continue putting out quality content and will give you a book in the near future. 

Thank you for sharing this time with me. Have a good week.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Wow man. Reading this post brought chills to my body.

    I’ve realized a while ago that there’s a massive difference between people who want your best and people who think they know what’s best for you. This case is clearly the latter, with regards to your driver’s father.

    But then… we’re in charge of our own destiny. It was his choice to listen to his father, it was his choice to join and quit college, to move in with a junkie friend and to adopt his destructive habits, to let his father get him out of homelessness in stead of doing it on his own… and so on and so forth.

    Similar to you, one of my major purposes in life is writing motivational and useful content for The Rational Rebel; to help people. But I agree with you, looks like there was no point in staying and talking to the guy. He shouldn’t be writing a book about his life at this point. What would it be about? Failure? Victimization? Guilt tripping? Complaining? He should move away from that town and start rebuilding his life in a place with more opportunities. He’s not “already 40”; he’s “just 40”! This is young! Especially for men… When he makes it out of the swamp he walked in, that’s when he should write a book.

    Thumbs up for deciding against moving to that dead town, Sergie.

  2. FUP.

    Fucked up parents. Can’t they understand that they destroy their kids by acting that way? Where is the love? That’s more like selfishness.

    I talked with a girl the other day. She was in the university studying Automation ( how to create automatic equipment that helps in the production process). There are 89 boys and 4 girls in her class. I knew that this is a subject mostly for men so I asked “why”?

    She told me she did’t have a choice. Her uncle was in the same business and her parents wanted her to follow the same path. She couldn’t get better grades to study something else and ended up there.

    She concluded that she only wanted to get the degree and then do something that she really likes. She doesn’t even drop out just to satisfy her parents. Even if she hates it. She will probably never be truly happy and fulfilled…

    Reading this reminded me of that girl. And there are probably hundreds out there that do the same mistake like the cab driver.

    Interesting post Sergie!

    • It is a sad reality that many young people fall victim for. With people such as yourself and other people doing what we do I believe that we can change this.

      Hopefully she will wake up.

      • I can relate to this.

        My old man always discouraged me from striking out on my own, because he had failed as a businessman.

        I had a million ideas at age 19 but instead of chasing my dreams I made the mistake of listening to him and getting a soul crushing 9-5 job.

        Now almost 20 years later and after recovering from a serious depressive illness I’m finally doing what I want.

        You’re doing great to do what you want at a young age, keep chasing that dream and don’t let anyone discourage you!

        – Luke

  3. It is curious. I once visited my father on Hawaii where he was building houses. I asked him what he would think about me overtaking his business one day. He said: Nah, you are not observant enough.

    Kinda hurt my pride. I wish he had cared enough about me to want to follow in his footsteps. That he had wanted me to be his boy, even if I would have had to reject.

    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Then again, there was a whole bunch of expectations from my mother’s side of the family. Like living a happy life with momma forever. Puke. Took me quite a while to get rid of that.

    I spent 7 years doing a job I essentially hated. I was a pussy. And even now I am not really satisfied. Posts like yours make me more aware of it.

    A part of me thinks: Hey, do this job and make a hell of a lot of money, then get out. But frankly, as it is going, I do not have the energy to invest all that time to make money in a profession that is not my passion. Even if it is theoretically possible, I just am not that convinced I can really do it anymore. I guess destiny is knocking on my door.

    • Interesting story. To this day my father still thinks that I should just work for a major corporation. I almost listened to him but instead decided to move 4 hours away.

      My passion is WOTO and running my own businesses. While I am not making crazy money right now I know that as I keep moving I will make more.

      If I were you I would start a side hustle and keep working on your site. You have great content. Let me know if you need anything.

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