Hey my friend I am coming at you today with a post that I was inspired to write for you. It hit me while going through a few ordeals this past week. I realized something that I have never really thought of before.

The subject of this post will obviously be about your mindset, but I will go in deeper. I will begin by telling you how this realization came to me and then I will delve into mindset.

How it started:

Earlier this week I was listening to Asian Instrumental music while boiling a cup of Kratom tea. I like using the Red Hot Hippo strand. Some problems had been brought to my attention that I would have to make a decision on by next month. Several of the problems were quite big, but the others were trivial.

I will have to make a decision soon that will set me on one of two courses in life. Both of them lead to the same destination, but are very different in how I will arrive there. They will determine how fast I reach the goal as well as the quality of life that I have.

The other problem is just a slight financial setback which will cause a little turbulence, but will be easily fixed. I will be able to take care of the setback by doing several things:

As I went over the solutions  to the obstacles that were laying before me a thought hit me. Months ago I would’ve been stressed out about these things. I would have been worried about losing my current lifestyle or my mind would have been racing in a confused daze of fear.

But something was different now. Instead of fear or being worried I had this odd sense of everything will be okay and that I would come out on top. To be honest I had never felt this sense of empowerment as much as I did now. I sat there and explored this feeling of confidence. It finally hit me that it was due to the mindset that I have built over the past 8 months.

You see I have come to realize based on results that there is nothing that you or I cannot do. We literally can have, be, and do anything. It all starts with your mindset.

If I didn’t have the right mindset then I would have let myself get into the negative thinking that usually comes with having obstacles in your way. Even the trivial obstacles would have seemed amplified to be worse than they really are.

When it came to the financial setback I would have just worried about all of the unknown factors such as what will happen and how I would ever be able to get out of it. The fear and worry would have clouded my thinking which would have prevented me from finding the solutions to all of the obstacles.

But due to me building the mindset of a winner and Olympian I simply laugh at the thought of any obstacle because I know that I can transcend anything that gets in my way. I am able to think clearly as obstacles appear and then properly overcome them with ease.

The good news is that you can also build up your mindset to that point. You will no longer be phased by any obstacle that presents itself to you. You will see the mountain that lays before you and simply cut it in half. You will walk through every obstacle dumb enough to present itself to you. You will be victorious.

Building an Olympian Mindset:

If you would like to build an Olympian Mindset it will require the following:

  • Discipline
  • Hard Work
  •  Vision
  • Commitment
  • Full Immersion


You will need discipline so that you will have greater control over your time and life in general. I started seeing greater accomplishments when I began to get disciplined. Before I would just go about my day with a general idea of what I wanted and then would get frustrated when I didn’t get exactly what I wanted. Now when I wake up I know exactly what I want out of the day and thus far get it exactly how I want it, sometimes better.

There will be times when you might have to change your plan for the day which is completely okay.  Just make sure that you are doing it because you want to and because it will benefit you in some way. I don’t follow all of the stuff he laid out in his eBook now, but something that helped me get on the right track was 30 Days of Discipline. In this eBook Victor goes into the basics of Discipline and lays out a guide for getting the results you want. Check out my review here. I will get a small commission for your purchase, but all profits go to maintaining this blog.

Hard Work

As you know people who work hard usually get the good meat while the cockroaches only get the scraps. As I was growing up a lot of things came to me easily which was great, but it lead me to doing everything half-assed.

If it was a chore I was doing I would just hurry and finish it as quickly as I could. If I had a project due I would wait until the night before and just finish it half ass.

When I created a computer repair business I would hardly try to promote it or make my business look professional. In my defense I was only a teenager when I ran that business, but I still could have taken it to higher levels if I would have worked hard.

In my personal life I would just half ass everything from friendships to intimate relationships. No lie I would hardly ever show my girlfriends at the time any attention.

I wouldn’t even kiss them or show much affection. Before you say, “That is so Alpha”, let me say that it wasn’t Alpha to do that. Yes, I was an asshole, but I just didn’t care about really anything. I let those relationships fall due to me being half-assed in everything in life.

Oh but there was one thing that I took serious. I would dedicate a few hours a night and then stay up Friday and Saturday playing Video-Games. Sunday’s were my day to rest after putting all that time into beating whatever boss I was fighting.

After High School I realized all of the opportunities that I had given up and slipped into a depression. I came to the realization that I was in this world for the most part alone.

That it was up to me to get the life that I wanted. Finally after a few months of being sorry for myself I decided enough was enough. I took out a red binder and created different sections. I then wrote down everything from how I wanted my life to be, to goals that I had.

I started putting in work towards everything that I wanted and before I knew it I was hitting goal after goal. It wasn’t all uphill after that, but it was for sure a hell of a lot better.

To finish this one point up let me say this. You to are responsible for how your life ends up. Luckily for you, you can use Calm and Collected and the numerous other blogs out there as tools to create your life.

I want you to start taking yourself seriously and put in the work required to get you to where you want. Whether that be going to college, staying up late building a business, or going out of your comfort-zone. Do it with no mercy.


You must also have a vision for your life. The one thing that I have always had was a vision for what I wanted my life to be. As you sit in a dark room and see that one light illuminating your shadow on the wall, so is it with your vision in your life. Your vision acts as the light in the darkness. Your vision is like a mission statement to the world. By having a vision you are placing yourself in a position of power instead of a place of servitude.

If you don’t already have a vision I urge you to get one soon. Get a journal and go sit somewhere silent from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Clear your mind and close your eyes. Take away all limitation and just imagine the life that you want.

Once you have seen it I want you to write it down. Go into as much detail as possible from the car to the girl that you will have.

Now for the important part. I want you to turn to a blank page and write down how you will get what you want. Your path of getting there will change from time to time, but that is okay. For example if you would have told me a year or two ago that I would be running a semi successful blog that changes people’s lives I would have said that you are crazy. At the time I was blind to the blogging world. Obviously I am grateful that I started this blog because it has allowed me to get out my head and meet some truly AMAZING people. If it weren’t for this blog I wouldn’t be enjoying the current lifestyle that I have and I wouldn’t be doing some of the projects that I now am.

My friend and fellow Young Hustler there is an entire world out there that is waiting for your arrival. Do not ever let another person tell you that you must follow a certain path because there are literally infinite paths out there.

You can start a charity that will help millions of people. You can start a blog that will change lives. You can create a business that will add value to people and then give you financial freedom. You can be whoever you want to be.


The next part of building an Young Hustler Mindset is you must have commitment. You must be committed to yourself first and foremost. If you are not committed to yourself then there isn’t really any hope for you in getting an Young Hustler Mindset or achieving anything worthwhile in life.

Next you need to be committed to your vision and mission in life. If you are committed to your vision you will not let the mediocrity of life lock you in place because you will know where you are going.

There have been many times that I could have settled with my comfortable job, but instead I knew that I was going to do so much more. By being committed to my vision I was able to not let myself get caught up in the guaranteed paycheck, benefits, and predictability that comes with that lifestyle.

I know that by working hard enough and providing enough value to people like you that I will be able to live off of my work.

I will be able to dedicate even more of my life to Calm and Collected and to expanding its reach across the blogosphere and beyond.

You must be committed to your mission. Your vision and mission are tied together. Without a vision you do not have a mission. On the other side of the coin if you don’t have a mission then your vision will turn into nothing but a fantasy.

In my life my mission is simple:

  • Build Calm and Collected so that I am able to reach like-minded people like you that have potential.
  • Turn nice guys into Young Hustlers (Join the newsletter).
  • Travel city to city meeting Young Hustlers.

By following my mission I will get rewarded with the following:

  • I will have a large readership full of people who are.
  • I will hire people of talent to help me with projects.
  • I will bring on interns that will be able to learn all that I know.

This leads me to the next step to building a Young Hustler Mindset…

Full Immersion

The only way that I will achieve my mission is by fully immersing myself into it. As I have progressed the one thing that I have noticed about achievers and losers is

  • Achievers fully immerse themselves into whatever they are doing.
  • Losers dip their toe in and then pull back as soon as it gets cold.

If you truly desire to become a Young Hustler full immersion is crucial. You will have to leave behind every type of limiting belief, person, and memory to be able to move forward.

Everyday will be an adventure.

You will always be living on the edge.

From the company that I used to work for to the semi big sales team I built, I completely immersed myself into it.

I will admit that with the sales team I lost some of the fire that I had which is why I am no longer active with them.

I do speak with them from time to time since I still get paid from the organization that I built, but overall I just realized that there were better things out there.

When I first created Calm and Collected I half-assed everything from the design to the posts. If you looked at this site at its birth to what it has become now your jaw would drop.

Where this site is now compared to what it will look like a year from now will be like comparing Macaulay Culkin to Brad Pitt. I will honestly probably laugh at how it is now compared to what it will evolve into.

But that is a positive thing because as life progresses things change.

I am getting a little off point, but just try to focus on being in the moment with everything you do. If you are on a date then focus on that experience and not on what happened at work.

If you are meeting with a new client focus on them and not on what you will eat for lunch. I will not go into any more example because I know that you have critical thinking and get where I am going with this.

How to maintain a Young Hustler Mindset:

Now that you have the most sought after thing in the world how can you maintain it?

I will give you a breakdown of how you can maintain your Young Hustler Mindset and try to keep it as brief as possible.

You need to do the following:

  • Surround yourself with other people who have similar goals and are overall ambitious.
  • You must develop a Solution Mindset.
  • You must eliminate fear from your life.
  • If in a relationship your girlfriend/boyfriend must be supportive of what you are going after. The last thing that you want is to be in a relationship where your partner doesn’t believe in you or show support for your mission. If they show even the slightest sign of being unsupportive after you’ve tried to show them the truth then leave them.
  • Do not care about what others think.
  • Believe in yourself and develop confidence.
  • Begin working out if you haven’t already. I recommend at the very least 3 times a week.
  • Learn new things. I would start with going to your local library, reading several blogs, and learning about subjects you are interested in.
  • Experience new cultures.
    I went to a Hindu worship service so that I could learn more about their people and religion.

    I went to a Hindu worship service so that I could learn more about their people and religion.

    What you will get with your Young Hustler Mindset:

As you develop your mindset more and more magical things will begin to happen. You will feel untouchable at times. Things that would usually cause much frustration for yourself or others will now seem to trivial for you to even waste any energy on.

You will have an idea come to you and then execute it without worrying about what someone else thinks. 

From time to time you will slip up and maybe bow down to something, but you will always get back up. There is nothing out there that can bring you down without your permission friend.

Do you realize that?

Stop taking shit from other people.

Stop going above and beyond to explain why you decided what you decided. 

Stop selling yourself short.

Can you take your crown or do you need someone to rule over you?

Start right now and build an Young Hustler Mindset. 

Until next time Go and Dominate.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Awesome post dude. I hace also had a few of those moments where I became aware of how much my mindset has shifted – feels good, doesn’t it? Immersion for me is one of the biggest differentiators – I’m even working on a post about it too. It can speed things up massively, as well as 10x-ing your results.

    Thanks for the shout out too dude.

    • Yes it is a great feeling. Full immersion is what works best for me otherwise I will not perform at my best.

      No problem. If I see something I think is gold I link to it.

  2. Great stuff Sergie! I started to develop this mindset when I went through hardship and came out alright(alive, anyways). It taught me that I really can be a capable person who can have what he want’s if I’m only willing to FIGHT for it.

    Immersion is the hardest thing. I have a home office which I designed to inspire productivity and creativity(it’s really just a desk and a chair and nothing else to distract me). Problem is, I’m surrounded by shitty people that I can’t get away from just yet. You know how it is, they always try to force their toxic and overall shitty beliefs on me and eat up all my time(I HATE this especially). I have some good people in my life too though, so it’s not all bad.

    I had to build a wall. This means being rude and hurting some feelings, but oh fucking well. If you’re not on board, stop trying to drag me into the ocean! I’d gladly help you up if you’d only ask.

    • Awesome Chris I’m glad you made it out.

      I have also created a place where my creativity flows well. Yeah on our way to the top feelings will be hurt, but that is a part of the journey. All that matters is that you are true to yourself and that you remember those who helped you get there.


  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Sergie.

    I totally agree. If one develops the right mindset and implements the traits you listed, there are almost no obstacles that a man won’t be able to overcome.

    • No problem you usually put out killer articles. I wanted to show my support.

      Yeah the label you put on the type of mindset doesn’t really matter, but by me implementing those traits my life has improved a thousand fold.


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