How Flipping Teaches You Copywriting and Business

A secret about flipping on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace few understand at first is you are LEARNING business building. Specifically freelancing.

You’re not merely finding items, flipping them, and continuing. This is surface level thinking. Let’s think deeper.

In reality, you are in real time building a business and learning sales.

How Flipping Teaches You Copywriting and Business

What are you doing when posting your ad?

You are thinking up a title aka subject line.

With freelancing using a subject line benefits you in sending DM’s, sending emails, tweets, and more.

With flipping, you are learning the ability to CATCH attention. To get people to click your posting. This is FANTASTIC.

Next you must write up a post describing your product.

What Are You Learning When You Write Up a Product Posting?

  • what is it
  • why is it worth their money
  • CTA aka how they can reach you (always encourage setting up an email you make just for flipping)

This teaches you the basics of making offers people are interested in.

Next when you sell your items you are learning SALES.

You Are Learning Sales

Whether you’re emailing back and fourth to close the deal or you verify they’re serious and call them.

You are learning the ability to sell something other than your time.

Speaking of selling…

The phenomenal thing about flipping is you can make money quickly. Meaning, you can find something in your room, list it, and profit.

Or use the methods I teach inside of the Make Your First $100 course to find items for free or dirt cheap, list it, then profit.

Anyways, understand you are building a skillset to get you paid quickly now. While at the same time learning the ins and outs to later use in making money from freelancing.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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