Make Success in Any Area a Byproduct

Imagine you wake up and get to work on a list of things which will 100% progress you towards a set outcome. Instead of only half trying, you give your all. Then imagine you did this daily.

Make Success in Any Area a Byproduct

Within weeks your life would be drastically better.

Instead though you like to psyop yourself into thinking life is more complicated than it really is. You need some rigid plan.

You require loads of coffee to motivate yourself. You waste literal months thinking and planning.

Making yourself feel as if you’re progressing.

Until you look at your bank account and it’s still low.

You check the mirror and you’re still weak.


If you just decide on what you want, make the steps to get there, then do them religiously each day.

You make success happen by default.

Start doing this moving into the remaining days in this months. You’ll thank yourself later.

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Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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