Does time seem to fly by fast for you?

I’ve been talking to students of mine and a recurring question keeps appearing. Does time seem to fly by fast for you? So in moneybag fashion I’m going to share how to handle it so you can control time better.

Does time seem to fly by fast for you?

Some days I swear I wake up, get to work, go to my meetings, and then boom it’s going on 6pm as I prepare for my call with students.

And for you I know the day zooms by too.

Especially as you get older and have more responsibilities.

The only way to slow it down is to become conscious.

Consciously focusing on what needs to be done today. Instead of mindlessly going through the motions.

Example: Review your tasks for the day first thing in the morning.

Decide what needs to be done and then choose 1 task and set a timer.

This is something I’ve spoken in depth about to my students. And it allows you to control the illusion of time. Or when you’re in the gym, don’t just lift the weights to get it finished.

FEEL yourself getting stronger. Each moment of your life can be done consciously if you simple WAKE UP NOW. While I post blogs regularly to you here, I post daily to my group.

Join me here for more tangible ways to improve your life.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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