3 Things You Need to Create the Life You Want in 2024

I used to dream of traveling & being free. Problem was, I had no clue about how to pull it off. So the dream laid dormant in my mind for years.

3 Things You Need to Create the Life You Want in 2024

I’d attempt something and after not seeing much if any success, I’d stop. Then I’d see something else and give it a shot.

Until like a mega ton of bricks it hit me…

If I wanted to make money, I needed something tangible to offer people. No this didn’t mean I needed to come up with the capital to launch some ecom brand.

What I needed was a skill to offer in exchange for what I wanted. My next issue was finding people who wanted it.

I attempted Fiverr and Upwork, but the tests you needed to take and competing with 1,000’s of people for low paying gigs wasn’t the right move.

I wanted a consistent way to have thousands coming in every month. To do this, I knew I needed to build some kind of social media presence.

So I learned a skill, built a social media presence, and then got to work selling my. This is when I got “lucky” aka actually did the work.

Fast forward and now I’ve been to more countries than I can count. And I spend every second doing what I want each day. Never having to go anywhere just “because” I have to.

My lesson to you is:

Every dream you have is on the other side of the work you refuse to do.

YOU need a skill.

YOU need a way to find people/let them find you aka social media.

YOU need to sell this skill (I give my exact Moneybag Method to students).

If you’re serious about making 2024 your winners year, the above is all you need to do. I’m posting more content daily to my group with audio lessons you can immediately apply. Along with showing you an inside look at what students are doing.

You can join me here.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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