What causes unhappiness and how to fix it?

Many of us wonder what causes unhappiness and how to fix it. The truth is there is a fix if you care enough. Let’s talk about it.

Today’s post will be about something that I see people struggle with all the time. My goal is that by the end of this post you will understand what makes you unhappy and then be able to fix it.

Update: I wrote this article in 2014, watch the video below for a more updated take on my opinion:

Basic Overview:

Today you see so many people walking around in a daze and then you get on social media and a lot of the stuff the post about is down right depressing. In our society today people complain and blame others for all of their problems. As you already know it all comes back to you no matter what it is. People will go to their doctors and say that they are depressed and 9 times out of 10 what does the doctor do? He prescribes them depression medicine.

That person then starts to believe that they need the medicine to get over the unhappiness. The messed up part is that it is they who must get themselves over the unhappiness. They must change their mindset! By changing their mindset they then begin to see life in a different way and start taking action and before they know it BAM they have an amazing life that makes them happy.

The root cause of unhappiness:

My friend let me tell you the root cause of most unhappiness in this world. The root cause is that people aren’t doing what they truly want. Yes that is the main reason for unhappiness right there. As with most things in life it is very simple so the good news is that you can start right now to be happy.

Let me give you some examples of a winner.

I’ll start it off with a question. Have you ever seen someone who truly lived the life they wanted and didn’t settle for what they were told was attainable complain and be depressed? You might say yeah Sergie look at celebrities like Robin Williams they have the world at their feet, but yet they are so depressed that they end their life!

My response would be yes they had the world at their feet, but were they truly doing what they wanted? Robin Williams was a great actor and yet still their where other parts of his life that made him feel unfulfilled and depressed which sadly lead to his death.

So that shows that it doesn’t take just money and tons of fans to make you happy. Instead it takes you doing what you want and having every area of your life in balance. Go out there and create a business for your passion, ask the girl out you, or start lifting weights. You are at your prime so you must take full advantage of it.

My story 

With me from the time I was a young child I was always full of self-doubt. I always felt like I was different than the average Joe and had interests in business and helping people. All of my friends would come to me for advice and I could show them how to fix whatever it was. When it came to my life it was a whole other story. I would flip flop with everything I did from starting a business to stopping that one and starting another. The job I had at the time was at a local grocery store and a fast-food place called Zaxby’s. Both jobs sucked!

I had pretty much settled in my life I had a girlfriend that I had been with since freshman year and I didn’t know where I was going in life. One day I was like wow I am miserable in this relationship and I’m on 18 and already want to give up on life. I looked at myself in the mirror and was like who are you? I made a pact with myself that very moment that I was going leave that girl, build myself up, and then build others. I wanted to be able to show others how to live life to the fullest and truly achieve the winners. In a later post I will fully break down what it took for me to take my life to the next level and how you can as well.


What I want you to take from this is that for you to be happy that you must do what you truly want. I don’t mean what you think you want based on what Mommy or Daddy or some person said. No I mean do what YOU truly want whatever your name may be. Sit down and write exactly what you want in detail and then visualize it. The change starts with you my friend. So grab life by the neck and make it give you every damn thing you want. Let’s talk about the 5 steps to make money in 2024.

Your friend in success,

Dylan Madden

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