Why Are Women Marrying Themselves?

Today’s post will be a little different than the previous ones on this blog. Over the coming months you will see Calm and Collected begin to evolve. I have no filter and will talk about anything and everything that I decide I want too.

This is my medium to reach out to the world and change lives as well as to open your eyes. So let us begin.

Why Are Women Marrying Themselves?

Here it is:

  1. Modern men are pussies and most act like little girls.
  2. Modern men have no purpose.
  3. Women are taught that it is dishonorable to be a mother and instead should assert their dominance over other men.
  4. Women are brought up believing that they are beautiful the way they are and that they are all princesses. This belief is causing women to have a false sense of confidence. It is creating fat, lazy, and ugly girls. hahah
  5. In the movie industry men who are assertive are labeled as abusive, power hungry jerks; while the beta men are labeled as the good guys since they bend over backwards and let their women walk all over them.
  6. Men act big and bad, but yet are weak and cowards.
  7. Thanks to political correctness people are scared to speak their mind. Often people’s careers and families are broken up just for making a comment that goes against societies social construct.


You know the problem so here is how to fix it:

Our western society promotes all of this behavior on top of much more which is simply destroying itself in the process. We are becoming a people that glamorizes being weak, slutty, and having low-standards. If we keep down this path I am sorry to say it, but we will fall due to our ignorance. We are now becoming the laughing stock of the world. Our society is full of hypocrites, scam artist, and has herds of lost people.

It is up to the readers of this blog, Bold and Determined, Good Looking Loser, and other blogs to change this fate. I do agree that there needs to be changes within our movement, but we must start today to bring about the revolution.

We need to come together and create strong men that can lead. We need women that respect themselves and don’t act slutty. We need to move forward together as Man and Woman.

So I give this call of action to Men and Women:

Let us come together and right the wrongs. Let us make the house-hold secure once again. Let us create strong Men that assert themselves and dominate their life mission. Let us have woman that take great pride in being mothers. Let us shatter all of the illusions that have been so systematically placed before us.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. I take that flag and stand next to you as brothers! For far too long we have been ostracized, put out and castrated to a level that is impermissible! We are told to wear tight pants and shave our facial hair so that we lose our masculinity and look more like boys rather than men.

    Being an older man I’m glad that a few young men like yourself are starting to see the light! Being a man is not a curse but a blessing! Without Men Civilization and all of its positives would have not propelled us to this point! So YES! I’m proud to be a Man I walk with y head up and chest out for the whole world to see! No need to hide behind a smartphone because you are ashamed! put it down and feel the sun in your face and gain your power!

    Dylan, I have to say for a modern man you have your shit straight and if you keep up doing what you are doing you will go very far! Keep your mind on the goal and not up some chicks skirt and you will get it!

    And on that not my brother I would to wish you great success on this blog and I will most definitely be visiting more often!

    Your brother at arms

    • I am glad that there are other men out there that are not scared to take the flag up. Thank you for your kind words friend. My blog is for all ages, but being young I am going to primarily focus on young people. If I can inspire and build a good foundation for the young readers I believe that it will cause massive change. Look forward to more content.

      Your friend,

  2. This post is right on. I think feminism has gone to far. At first the ideals of a woman who takes care of herself sounds good. In fact, I have no issue with it. I think it’s great if a girl works. I have no problem with a girl having her own money. I have a problem when women make an attempt to usurp a man’s natural leadership. When they want to put on the belt and run the show and leave the man to follow her. I despise that.

    I love it when I hear women say what a man should be, but last time I check you were a girl. How do you know? I love it when women say they want a real man, but when the guy tries to take his place in the relationship, she doesn’t want it.

    There is such a thing as too much feminism.

    • Great comment Chris. I laugh as well when women say a man should be this or that. Most women today are confused and don’t know their place which causes them to want a real man, but then not know what a real man is. The White Knights of today make it way to easy to get girls. I used to care about game, but as long as the girl that I am with knows each of our place then we are fine. I provide and take care of her while she helps make my life easier. There are times when there aren’t clear roles, but relationships are better when a real man is in charge.

  3. What if the woman marries a man that will latter exchange her for a younger and better-looking girl.

    Don’t you think women, as racional beings, should have a certein degree of independence (kind of a plan b) if the man, well, acts like a man and dump her for a better choice of partner.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate feminists, since, as every other kind of fanatics, they are useless and stupid.

    But I think that as human beings, women should not depend entirely on their partners. Relations have changed. If her most valuable asset is her beauty, then, once it’s gone she might be fucked if she has not prepared herself to face life as she should’ve.

    What do you think?

    (Excuse my bad english. Not a native speaker)

    • Thank you for your comment. I see where you are coming from when you say, “What if the woman marries a man that will latter exchange her for a younger and better-looking girl”. I believe that if we focus on building true men and women which will change the way this world is now, then we will begin to see men who act like MEN instead of children. I do not believe we can completely stamp that problem out, but we will be able to limit it. Once women realize that their most valuable asset is their beauty they then will begin focusing on finding the right mate and fill their role.

      The blame is not all on women, but even men have been one of the leading causes of the world getting to this point. Our world is full of beta men and feminist women.
      I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Your friend,

    • Woman are not a rational beings. Woman are emotional beings. They act based on their emotions.

      Maybe she has a beauty as her asset but think about it for a second. What can she get with this asset? She can get a beta male who will be nice guy for her, who will buy her things… Beta bux/alpha fux. Every woman need her rock, she need a real man to be that rock.

      There are really few woman who can accomplish something bigger without the help of the man or the other woman. So I don’t think that woman are independant. They depend on us.

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