Ultimate Guide to Starting a Social Media Business with Life Math Money

How would you like to run a 6 figure a year social media business? Literally only needing your phone, a few posts a day, and a bank account to accept the money. Well, today Life Math Money and I sat down to break it down for you.

You see my friend, running a social media business sounds simple because it is. However, there’s a big difference between how most people use social media vs someone such as myself who earns over 6 figures a year from Twitter alone.

Do you want to know what this difference is? Yes? Okay, take out a pen and paper. We’ve got much to discuss.

Ultimate Guide to Starting a Social Media Business with Life Math Money

You can follow along with the full episode below or click the time stamp that most interests you.

Time Stamps:

01:09 – Interview begins

04:45 – How Dylan starting working for Victor Pride

09:37 – You must believe it’s possible

17:10 – Make your first dollar online

20:33 – Do something daily

24:25 – How to grow quickly on Twitter

34:54 – Is blogging dead?

45:25 – How is LMM able to stay relevant on Twitter?

1:03:37 – Innate abilities

1:19:42 – How Dylan went from struggling to close $1,500 deals to six figures

1:31:29 – Outro

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Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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