3 Ways to Profit From Inflation for a Beginner

5 months ago when I came to the USA I didn’t notice prices. However, I’ve noticed more and more how pricy things are becoming. While this isn’t an issue, it is going to hurt a lot of you…

Unless you get ahead of this which is the intention of today’s email.

Family kept mentioning prices going up and so I began paying attention. It’s my job to help empower people to empower themselves financially.

That’s when I saw this headline…

“US inflation rises to 7.9% in February”

You are going to keep seeing headlines like this.

Is it the end of the US Dollar or can you do something about it?

While I’m no prophet, unless something BIG happens, inflation will only get worse. You see our economy is fake. Backed by nothing. When they need more money they just print more.

That’s a topic for another email and doesn’t even matter. You can’t stop the printing of trillions of dollars.

What matters is that…

Your money is becoming worth less and less yet you’re working the same.

Meaning you’re working harder to pay for gas and food. Which for the average person who doesn’t have the same awareness as you will be wrecked. Even bills increasing by a small % will wipe people out.

One of those people would be my Mom if I didn’t have her on the payroll. So, I feel you and want to give you a direction. Don’t allow this nonsense to hurt you or your family.

You can do a few things to give yourself an advantage:

  1. Earn more (duhhh)
  2. Spend in a weaker currency (earn in USD, spend in Pesos)
  3. Investments (crypto, stocks, hard assets)

Let’s expand on each…

1) Earn more

Every Twitter guru says this without adding context. Yes obviously if prices go up, earning more will help. It goes deeper than this though. Going and getting a second job is NOT the move. Instead getting a side hustle of some sort or learning how my freelancing methods would be better.


The simple answer is time. A second job requires much more time you don’t have with not much upside other than a paycheck. A side hustle or freelancing takes less time while also giving you more earning potential.

Lesson –

Earning more is only smart if you’re not trading much more time. Otherwise, you make yourself a slave.

2) Spend in a weaker currency

This one is common sense, but I’ll give you a quick example. This is from Numbeo where you can compare prices of cities and/or countries.

Since I’m spending the week in San Diego, I compared it to Bogota, Colombia (one of my favorite spots).

See the difference for yourself…

Essentially, you would need to spend $6,285 in San Diego to live how you could live in Bogota for $1,787 on a monthly basis. YES, this depends on your lifestyle.

If you’re staying in nice hotels while renting a skyscraper apartment as I was. Taking your team out for dinner. Going out 2 to 3 times a day. Of course you’d be spending closer $9,000 a month.

However, for the vast majority of you, whether you are single or have someone, you could live well on 2,000 to 3,500 in most spots outside of the West.

This is why I’ve been pushing you and others so much to get a location-independent income. You can earn in USD while spending in weaker currencies. Now imagine combining that with earning more money.

You’re winning at that point.

3) Investments

This is a topic I won’t go very far into as I don’t want you stuffed with too much information. The above 2 points is where you need to be putting your energy into. It will give you cash flow and more bang for your buck.

So now, it is time to move into investments.

This is where you put your hard-earned dollars to work for you. You’ve got plenty of options from hard assets to crypto.

With hard assets, you have something tangible. Such as a house or land. This can go up in value massively vs what you paid, you can pass it on to family, and depending on how you leverage it? You can earn a monthly income.

This usually requires more upfront from you.

Another investment is crypto.

There are many strategies for this, but a vast majority of people simply put their money into the main coins. This goes up and goes down.

Anyways, I could talk for hours about all of this.

Why You Shouldn’t be Panicking (Yet)…

You’ve got more than enough to work with at the moment. While there is still time to protect yourself from inflation and what’s coming, time is running out.

As always it would’ve been better if you got started 18 months ago.

It’s time for you to get serious and begin creating the lifestyle you want. So you’re not forced into a worse position than you are now in a year or two.

Now let’s go over the $10,000 per month framework. I’ve put it in written and video form for you. Let’s continue here.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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