I’m proud to announce the release of Think and Go Hustle in paperback.

Think and Go Hustle is a book that should be studied. For me, I like to have a PDF and then a paperback copy of the books I read.

This allows me to be able to read the PDF from my cell phone.

I remember back when I worked at the car dealership that’s what I would do while on the clock.

When customers weren’t around I’d go sit out in the parking lot and read. Doing this is what gave me the ideas which ultimately lead to me quitting my job.

As for having a paperback book, you can highlight and mark the pages that stand out to you. It’s not what you read, but what you understand.

You understand by studying and then applying what you learned.

You can pick up your copy of Think and Go Hustle here.

Foreword by Ed Latimore:

You want to learn how to make money not simply be given it in exchange for an hour of your time.

This is a book that will teach you how to think like a hustler.

As you learn to think like a hustler, you’ll become a hustler.

That’s what this book is about. How to think and act like a hustler.

You’re tired of the grind.

Or you’re young and don’t want to start grinding. This book won’t make you
rich but it will change your mindset on how to acquire money.

Rather than simply tell you how his thought process evolved, Dylan added stories and pictures from his life to illustrate the “Think and Go Hustle” mentality in action.

This is important for two reasons. First, the obvious reason is that it makes his method believable. When I read the first version, it was another self-improvement text.

The second version (current version) takes you into the mind and heart of the hustler that Dylan has become. This allows you to see how he’s lived everything he says in these pages.

It’s a quick read, but the mentality is hard to master. I recommend reading it
two or three times with a pencil in hand each time.

You’ll get ideas. You’ll get inspired. You will see parts of yourself in the past, present, and future.

Think and Go Hustle Paperback.

Think and Go Hustle in PDF.

See you in the game.

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