The Proven Way To Be Successful Every time

The secret you have been looking for.

The secret you have been looking for.

Hey there Olympian I hope you had a great week. I have been busy working on several side projects which I will be revealing in the coming months as well as I have begun to work on an eBook. Make sure to subscribe because I will be giving out the first 100 copies for free. Let us begin with the post…

Today’s post is about something that is so simple yet many people cannot seem to get it. It took me years to figure it out and to be quite honest I still learn more about it everyday.

I have found a way to guarantee success every time. No ifs ands or buts. I have used it to take my life to levels I once thought were unattainable.

I will give you some examples of circumstances you could apply this “secret” to. The reason I put secret in parentheses is because it really isn’t a secret. You actually already know it you just haven’t applied it to your life completely.

Here are some examples of how you can use this “secret”:

  • You can use this secret to create that business that you have had in your mind for years.
  • You can use it to get the type of relationship that you want.
  • You can use this secret to create multiple sources of income that will fill your bank account with money.
  • You can use this secret to get lots of girls.
  • You can use this secret to take your life to the next level.

You are probably thinking when are you going to tell me this “secret” that you keep speaking of. Don’t worry I am leading to it.

I will go ahead and just tell you because it is something that you already know about. The proven way to be successful every time is:

Get started.

That’s right I said it.

You need to get started on that business that you have been wanting to start.

You need to start going out and finding the type of women that you want.

You need to start hitting the gym and tweaking your diet so that you can get the body that you want.

There is great power in getting started. More power than you could imagine. In a recent post on Danger and Play Mike said that his Dad once asked him, “When are you going to get serious?”.

You see that is a problem that so many people suffer from. They never get serious which leads them to never getting started.

Then all of a sudden 1 year has gone by then 2, 3, 4 and they still haven’t begun. Now guess what their life looks like:

  • They are either married to a woman they don’t like or have had a divorce.
  • They are most likely broke or just about broke.
  • Their dreams have faded away to almost nothing.
  • They are in debt up to their eyes.
  • They are in terrible shape.
  • They most likely work at a job that they hate.

The people who never get started end up having a miserable life and become an empty shell of who they were previously. I read an article several months ago that really hit me in the face and made me take a step back. I looked at my life from a third person perspective. Check out the article here.

As a reader of Way of The Olympian I do not want you to suffer that same fate. You have already begun taking the steps to assure that your life will be amazing. You have begun working on yourself and taking life seriously.

You have begun working out. You have begun learning about yourself. You have begun reading this blog and others where you can learn from their writing.

Hopefully you have also started applying what you have learned to your life.

As you start living your life with this “secret” you will start seeing monumental improvements.

You will have a business idea come to you and then guess what? You will get started and create it.

You will decide what type of woman or women you want and then get started doing what you have to do to attract them.

You will decide how much money you want and then start creating the desired circumstances to manifest that income.

You will decide that you want to be in shape and then get started with what is needed to get in shape.

Is it really that simple?

The answer is yes it really is that simple.

Push yourself day in and day out. Focus on what you want. Do not let the haters get to you. Something that I do to deal with haters is simply do not tell people about your plans. By not telling people about your plans you don’t have to put up with their limitation infested minds.

Over the past 6 months I have been wanting to dive into E-Commerce that way I could gain experience and make a little side money in the process.

What is the problem with what I said?

That’s right it I have been wanting to do it for 6 months, but have chosen to not do it because I let other things get in the way.

I let things such as building this blog, growing personally, and working out get in my way. That doesn’t mean that those things are not important because all three of those things are very important to me.

In those 6 months I could have created several successful sites, learned a lot, and made some money. But luckily it finally hit me to get started.

I am currently building one site that I will either keep getting income off of or flip it. In either case it will generate money for me. So far it has been a fun process. I have learned about outsourcing, getting suppliers, as well as numerous other skills.

I intend for the site to be a site that I put work into and then just tweak it here and there while the money keeps coming in. I will write a post about E-Commerce in the coming weeks so that I can go into more detail.

What I want you to take from this post is that you can be successful in all that you set out to do. Just use the “secret” and then in no time you will look around and see the life that you once thought was unattainable.

Until next time Go and Dominate.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Excellent post Sergie. Even the important things cannot get in the way. We have to make time for each of these things and get started as soon as possible.

    That’s awesome that your e-commerce project is going well. Looking forward to the next post.

      • That’s excellent! Experience is a great way to learn. Is there any service you recommend using for E-commerce? Or will that be part of the next post?

  2. Nice to see another who walks the walk. Admittedly, I’ve tried getting into E-commerce 6 months ago, but lost interest due to the pushy sites actually calling me up to make some “plan” for me. All the bells started ringing in my head and I left it at that. Damn pushy salesmen heh. Best of luck to you Sergie. Keeping pushing forward and don’t give in to setbacks!

  3. Yep, you gotta get started. And then you’ve got to keep getting started every single day. It’s inspiring to see the action you are taking now, Sergie, and I wish you all success in your ecommerce ventures.

    • It is funny how simple it is. Just decide what you want and then get started. I’ve been applying that to every aspect of my life and sure enough I have been progressing everyday.

      Thank you Andrew I wish the same for you.

      Your friend,

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