The Power of Words: Vanquishing Castles and Inspiring Millions

the power of words

Hello my friend sitting at your computer reading this. I will be writing about the power of words today. Words can inspire millions while be the death of millions.

Take Hitler as an example he used his understanding of the power of words to create a cult-like following.

With his words he was able to have over 11 million people killed. Now to move on to more positive points take Tony Robbins as an example.

Tony understands the power of words and has a deep understanding of human behavior.

He uses his power of words to inspire millions of fans and to create products which make him the big bucks. To date he has a net-worth of over $480 million.

Is that important?

In reality no, but it leads me to my next point which is that the power of words can create vast fortunes for those who understand its power.

 How do you think Entertainers, Professional Bloggers, and other artists got as rich as they are?

They got rich by using their words to create some form of art whether that be a song, painting, or script for a TV show.

With a matter of showing his face and speaking for a short amount of time Bill Gates can raise $100,000+ for his foundation.

Now you may be saying well that’s Bill Gates, but what I have to say to that is they weren’t always at that level.

Bill many years ago was a college drop-out, but now he is a billionaire.

How can The Power of Words help me?

As you can see from my basic examples above there are many ways the power of words can help you get what you want in life. Through your mastery of words you can demand what you want of life and it will appear as if out of thin air.

Through your mastery of words you can properly talk to that cute girl and get her number.

Through your mastery of words you can make someones day or ruin it.

You could even talk your way into a job, or make your next sale for your business just by exercising this great power.

How can I master The Power of Words?

That’s a good question and the answer is simple. Here it is….

Constantly grow and use your power of words. By using it you become more confident and are able to use it better.

You will begin to see people respond differently.

All of a sudden you will get what you want instead of being shit on. You will approach Ashley over there and get her interested.

Through your power of words you will meet some other young men who share similar interests and start a mastermind, which will lead to explosive growth for your business.

What are some ways I can better my understanding of the power of words?

      1. Keep a journal or just use your smart-phone. By keeping a journal or using your smart-phone you will be able to better organize your thoughts and be able to express them easier.

You never know when you might have a thought flash through your mind about a business idea you have or some idea you want to blog about. Let me give you a quick scenario of the importance of recording your thoughts.





Environment: Local Street

Billy is walking down the street when all of a sudden this dog runs across the street nearly getting hit by several cars. Billy immediately stops and yells “NO YOU STUPID DOG”.

As Billy sees the dog run off into the neighborhood this idea literately flashes into his head.

The idea is to start a e-commerce store where he will sell everything in the world that a dog could possibly need.

Does your dog want a toy or a doggy bed? Well Billy’s got you covered.

Billy writes down the idea as soon as he gets to the bus stop. Lets just say that he went on to create several e-commerce sites and now is making $5,000/month based off of that idea that flashed into his mind which he then wrote down.

This single thought led him onto make tons of money.

Now you might be like, “Dylan what the heck does all of that have to do with the power of words.”

You will be able to use the power of words to turn those thoughts into money or whatever your desired result is.

By recording all of your useful thoughts you are able to organize your thoughts better and then use your power of words to accomplish your ends which will help you master this great power.

       2. Use it or lose it. Self-explanatory, but I will tell you more. Go make that business deal. Go and write that article for your blog. Go talk to that girl.

It really is that easy. Just Keep a journal and use it as much as possible. As you use it your mastery of the power of words will grow.

The main point I want you to get from this article is the following:

Use The Power of Your Words and go out and create your world.

You live a life. So why not start being more creative and realizing the power you have with your words. You will gain much freedom by following what I said above.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Fantastic article, the scenario is brilliant too. People who can use the correct words at the right time will always be able to convince people. In my opinion, it’s an art. Most people will not think about what they’re saying whilst they actually talk. They’re on auto-pilot. That’s why, if you’re able to turn off auto-pilot, it’s quite easy to get stuff from people just by using words.

    • Check out the book called “How to win friends and influence people”. That book is one of the best example of using words correctly. Like you said, you can get whatever you want from people if you know the ‘right’ word for the right situation.

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