We all have an inner coward. Whether we admit this or not is another story. To bring this inner coward to light is simple. We must take it’s mask off.

You go through your day giving just enough.

Just enough effort to get the job done.

When you finally make it home you fall for one of the many distractions around you.

Maybe it’s your girl or maybe it’s watching videos on YouTube.

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is the fact that you fall for it every day.

You fall for it because you’re a coward.

Instead of living the life that you want, you’ve settled.

You’d rather continue living in your daze than start living how you truly want to.

It isn’t all your fault though.

From birth, you’ve been able to give just enough.

But dammit this won’t work anymore.

You are going to end up like every other person around you. Living paycheck to paycheck, a mountain of debt, and an average girl you settled for.

Instead of figuring out what you want from life and then getting it. You’ve followed the same script that your parents and society have.

Guess what?

That shit doesn’t work anymore. Maybe back when your parents were your age it worked. But look around you.

Times have changed and will continue changing.

You can’t rely on who your family knows anymore. It all comes down to your hustle and then taking daily action.

We’ve gone from a world based on good ole’ traditional values to a global market. The gatekeepers that once dictated everything are being overthrown.

In their place, people such as you and me are picking up their crown.

Now you can publish a book with a few clicks.

You can create your own TV show using just your cell phone.

How people do business is changing by the day.

Learn the principles but don’t do business like it’s 2012.

In today’s world, you give yourself permission.

That college degree that you paid so much to get is useless. All you gained from it was debt and four more years of not living your life.

You aren’t going to learn business from a nobody professor. I can’t blame you though. A few years ago I went to college.

It took me 6 months to realize that I was wasting my time.

Unless you’re going to be a doctor or lawyer then there’s really no point in being there. You can learn anything in the world that you want to from the internet.

The internet is our modern day Library of Alexandria. If you can think it, you can learn it. From fixing your car to building websites for clients.

So why are you still living the way that you are?

Because you’re a coward.

I can see it in your eyes when you look at me.

There is something that is holding you back. It’s like you have something to offer but you don’t want to give it.

Give it to me.

Say it, be it, and get it.

What you’re giving right now isn’t even 5% of what you’ve got inside of you. Call it greatness, talent, or whatever.

The wording doesn’t matter.

Open your eyes and realize that you’re miserable.

Miserable with your job and you feel stuck.

People tell you it’s just your job that makes you miserable. In reality, it is that you’ve settled. I know a few people that work jobs and love them.

The reason they love their job is because they didn’t settle. Instead of getting the job that paid $3 more, they ate shit until they got the one they really wanted.

I’m not talking about for a few months either. They waited patiently for years building up the momentum and reputation before they made their break.

So don’t think that once you quit your job everything will be perfect. Quitting your job will just give a false sense of accomplishment.

Before you know it you’ll be stuck again.

This will be your life until your dying day. That is unless you take off your mask. Each new day gives you another chance, to be honest with yourself.

With a simple decision followed up by action, you can change this whole game.

To make that decision you will have to take your mask off. Give yourself permission to come out of your bubble.

You think that it’s protecting you from the world but in reality, it’s just holding you back. You’ve lived in it for years because you bought into the lies.

Step outside of your bubble and see that you’ll be okay. Sure you’ll get knocked down a few times but that’s just how things work.

Before long you will have the courage to live how you want to. Making a simple yes or no decision won’t cause you anxiety anymore.

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Your friend,

dylan madden

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