Recently I had the pleasure of appearing on Masculine By Design. If you’ve ever dealt with mindset issues, I recommend that you listen to this podcast.

Craig James and I sat down and dived deep into the struggles and triumphs that you as a man will face.

From dealing with mental hang-ups to making money.

We talked about it all.

I highly recommend that you listen to it twice.

Once on your way to work or at the gym. Then later this evening when you can sit down and take notes.

You are going to walk away with actionable steps. Steps that will let you change your life.

Click play when you’re ready to begin.


  • My motivation for writing Think and Go Hustle
  • The importance of having mentors
  • The connection between confidence and success
  • How to stop playing by society’s rules and start living on your own terms
  • How to write the script for your life’s success
  • How to overcome overthinking and self-doubt
  • How to brainwash your mind for success
  • The real magic formula for success
  • How to keep yourself from burning out

masculine by design

Craig does a great job of bringing guests on as well as creating content focused on being your own man.

Masculine By Design is one of the few masculinity sites that I fully endorse. He gives you the real deal and nothing else.

He’s brought on guests such as Ed Latimore, Alexander Cortés, and The Family Alpha.

You can find Craig at Masculine By Design.

Thank you for taking the time to empower yourself.

See you in the game.

dylan madden

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