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So you’ve done everything right. You dialed in your offer, got the prospect on the phone, and signed them as a client. Now what?

You onboard them.

Don’t have an onboarding process yet?

Don’t worry, you can copy mine to get them the results that keep them paying you. The first thing I want you to do is to open up Google docs and create a folder that’s titled after the name of your client.

This is where you’re going to store everything you need to give your clients the results they’re looking for. Next up, create a sub-folder that you’ll use to fill with any catchphrases or specific language/terms they use regularly. You’ll be going back to this often when you’re writing for them to help you sound like them. Create another sub-folder for their social proof.

What is this?

It’s screenshots, reviews, testimonials etc. Anything they have from a customer or client that’s praising their work. You’ll need them to fill it out, so share the main folder with them. Make sure that they list any and all links they have that they want you to use whether it’s for emails, tweets, blogs, or whatever it is they have you doing.

It’s also a good idea to get their social media links to, mainly their IG so that you can use their images in your work. Leave this folder shared with them so whenever they add a new product or have anything new to add, they can plug it right into the specific folder giving you instant access.

This will make it so much easier on both of you to share information and get the work done well. You can do this with every single client you ever get to save yourself LOADS of time and frustration.

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