Bad Days Happen, Make em’ Count

How good are you on your bad day? This is a question a friend Andrew Tate asked me last year.

I’d never thought about that before.

Some days you’ll wake up and feel like everything is working out.

Other days you will wake up and push aggressively. Feeling like the world is against you. You see, life happens in cycles from day to day. Month to month. Meaning, while you can’t control those days. You can most certainly control your attitude and skill. Your attitude fully on putting forth your best effort.

Trained to get results however you apply your skill. That’s all you need. As you can’t control the good and bad. You can only dictate how good you are on your bad day. This is only the beginning though.

The next realization is understanding your bad day can still be better than other’s best day. Others meaning yourself and your competition.


Back in the day, my “big goal” was to average 300 bags a day aka 9,000 bags a month. Now that amount only covers a month’s travel expenses for me and my girl.

What changed from that being my best to that being my worst?

Simple. I made my goal to pull in 300 as the absolute lowest day. In my mind, I imagined being on the streets without hitting that goal. Then I made it clear what needed to be done each day. Meaning, WHAT actually moves the needle. I got it done and then the momentum was built.

Now when I speak to my accountant and assistant each month, I use my new “big goal” to drive me into action.

If you really want to make yourself into something?

It’s time for you to set a standard for your worst day. So that regardless of where the day swings, you always prosper.

Get to work.

With that said, I’ve put together a book for you. Inside you will learn freelancing tips, how to pick your skill as a freelancer, and more.

Grab your copy here.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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