The deeper you get into the game. The more you realize the truth. It isn’t as magical as you thought.

That said, you’ll NEVER become great unless you understand this.

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Video overview:

  • I go over something that took me from one level to the next instantly.
  • I share with you how I got good at making money picking up trash. And am now applying that to making a living online.
  • By the end of the video, you will see clearly how to apply it in your life.

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My name is Dylan Madden. I write articles for the person looking for more out of life. Who knows they can be better, but needs a little guidance and motivation. I work online while traveling the world. And live a life where I can do do whatever I want. If that interests you, welcome to Calm and Collected.

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  1. I’ve been listening to self help gurus explain this for YEARS and to be honest it’s just confused the hell out of me, that’s why I love the video game character anology, as I wasted 5 years of my youth on gaming, it just clicked when you said that. Also the nature walks kick ass over the still camera with a backdrop, much more engaging! Take care brother. Until next time

  2. This came at the right time. Its easy to get distracted by the end goal and forget to trust the process.

    I recently turned 25 and had an unusual yet overwhelming sense of “I’ve gotta get it all together NOW”. This video reminded me that success takes time…I’ll postpone that worry until I’m 30 and revaulate after 5 more years of action.

    The long game is the only sure way to victory

    • The long game is the only sure way to victory.

      That’s your blueprint right there brother. You’ve got the talent. Now you’ve just got to give people time to find you.

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