Those Who Need More Always Beat Those Who Want More

Everyone under the sun wants things in life. Heck this is why you’re even reading this email right now.

However, there’s a colossal difference between wanting something and NEEDING it.

Those Who Need More, Always Beat Those Who Want More

If you want to get stronger,

You’ll hit the gym here and there. Eat the right foods off and on. After a while you’ll even get stronger if you just keep it up.

Just like if you want to increase your income,

You will either work more hours or save money so you at least have more at the end of the month. If you’re smart you’ll learn a skill you can use to make more money using something like freelancing to make more outside of your job.

Wanting doesn’t cut it for people like you and me though. We will NEVER be satisfied with just a little bit better.

Those Who Need More Always Beat Those Who Want More

So you’re faced with 2 simple decisions

1) You can want more.

Aka keep on accepting just a little better than average.

Meaning, you’ll fit in 95% of people who are focused on improving themselves.

Saying to yourself,

“Hey at least I’m better than most”

This will give you a slightly bigger savings account than most. You’ll even earn a little more. But it will never be enough (and you know this).

2) Your other option is to NEED more.

Needing more isn’t comfortable. You will spend various points in your life feeling like you have hit your limit.

Only to surpass it and make this level of output your new normal.

You will wake up each morning with an obsessive need to get to work.

Sending more DMs to find clients as a I teach my students instead of allowing yourself to just coast through the day.

Excitedly posting your wins daily inside the campus.

Spending your days DRIVEN by almost another force inside of you to DO MORE.

However, as with most you always get what you put into life.


You NEEDING to hit your goals makes you put more energy into them. So by default you will enjoy more fruits of your labor.

This is the path required to achieve success.

Let me be clear, it isn’t easy…

If it was, everyone around you would be living an inspiring life. They aren’t and they won’t. This isn’t good or bad. It just is.

I spend my days helping those of you who NEED to make a change. Not by motivating you. Instead, by giving you the tools and guidance to make it happen.

All you that’s required from you is to sit, listen, and follow the steps.

I will be doing another live lecture today and I’d like to see you there. You have time to go through some of my new lessons I just uploaded.

See you inside.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Absolutely banger article! 👏🏻⚡️⚡️

    Very well-explained & practical!

  2. Hello Dylan,

    Great work on the website.
    I find it to be extremely helpful.

    Using the tools and lessons you have provided along with the hard work you put in everyday is completely changing lives.

    You already know this. How do I know this? Because it has changed mine.

    I will continue to work hard and learn these lessons you have provided everyday that I am breathing. I find it to be absolutely helpful.

    Thank you, brother
    And great job!

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