2 Lessons I’ve Learned Traveling the World in my 20’s

I’ve spent every day since August of 2019 traveling the world. Only visiting the US for 4 months to see family during this time period.

Which is why today, I am going to share with you 2 of the biggest lessons I have learned that’ll help you before you travel abroad.

Let me be clear…

DO NOT travel if you’re living in hostels.

If that is all you can afford?

Work your day job or learn from me and acquire the skills you can use to walk your own path.

Assuming you wanna live in nice hotels and apartments around the world?

Let’s continue.

2 Lessons I’ve Learned Traveling the World in my 20’s

Traveling the world isn’t some hippie way of finding yourself. Rather, it is a way of testing and creating yourself. When you’re in a new environment. Around people who don’t speak your language.

You are tested beyond anything you’ll find in your hometown.

It is when you’re in another country that you will begin the next phase of creating yourself into another person. No more can you rely on your parents, childhood friends, or knowing the lay of the land.

Your only option:

Make new foreign friends

And become a person of value.

When you first leave your home country…

You’ll feel out of place, anxious, and overthink simple things such as where to stay. Yet within a couple weeks, Your mind will become tougher and you will see all is well. You will quickly learn to rely on yourself.

Because out here in the real world, all you have is yourself.

In time, you will begin meeting new friends and build a network. 

For now, you must learn the first rule of life:


Traveling the world is a dream for most. A reality for a few. You can join the few of us living outside in the real world. It seems impossible when you are working a 9-5 job.

However, it is more realistic than you know (especially nowadays).

To get you started in this world of traveling, freedom, and becoming your best self. You need a skill that pays more than just the bills. For me that was learning email copywriting.

Learn how to build up to a 100k a year income by writing emails for yourself and clients.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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