The Dumb Truth About Reality

People go through their days hoping for better. Some even think they can visualize in their mind and like magic improve their life. Here is the dumb truth few realize.

From the desk of Dylan Madden

Location: Bucharest, Romania

In the last article I wrote to you from a mansion. As I write this I moved to a nicer part of Bucharest.

I’m renting an apartment close to the action of the city. I can be to most places within 5-10 minutes.

Before it took me at least 30 minutes.

Anyways you can read all about it in Bucharest, Romania Part 1.

Now let’s move onto the dumb truth about reality.

Look around you right now.

You are in a physical reality.

For you to read this article it required you to physically do something. For you to earn money, eat food, and do basically everything…

It requires your physical action.

This is the reality of the world.

Yet for some reason even though you see and understand this. You still believe the things you want from this world will just appear in your hands.

Whether it’s more money, a girlfriend, or better body.

You honestly think sitting around hoping for it, praying for it, and giving a little energy will make it yours.

This however isn’t how reality works.

Sure pray for the things you want.

You can even hope for them.

But how do you think you’ll even impose your will on reality by just giving minimal energy to what you’re doing?

The answer is while you will get results.

You won’t have nearly the impact on reality like you would if you gave unwavering attention to something.

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The Dumb Truth About Reality

The dumb truth about reality is this:

You can stare at a watch next to you. You can pray and offer your greatest devotion in hopes of it appearing in your hand.

Even if you’re a good person who has the best of intentions it’s NEVER going to appear in your hands.

If you want the watch, you must reach out and pick it up. Then it is yours to do with what you want.

The same is true for everything else in your life.

Let people continue hoping, desiring, and praying for things of this world. You on the other hand now understand the dumb truth.

We live in a physical reality. Living in a physical reality means you must take physical action to get the things that you want.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. That’s contrary to what modern spiritual teachers from YouTube have told me on. Damn, I must have entangled myself in some serious metaphysical issues.

    • We all get entangled on the path. For those such as yourself that become aware, you go to the next level.

      Always act in the physical world. This is how you impose your Will on reality.

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