The Complete Guide On How To Find A Good Girl

Most Men want a Good Girl but due to the Entertainment Industry promoting Bad Girls you can’t seem to find one. I am going to give you a Guide so that you can find a Good Girl once and for all. While many Men want a Bad Girl I can assure you that long-term wise that you will be wasting your time.

Our Culture Promotes Trash To The Masses

Is it me or does it seem that our current culture promotes Bad Girls?

You can turn on your TV or go to YouTube and here is what you will find:

  • Girls cheating on their significant other for a one night stand with a Celebrity
  • Girls going to the club so that they can have fun and get drunk
  • Girls being obsessed with taking selfies to post on Instagram
  • Girls twerking and wearing revealing clothes

All of the above behavior is part of the reason why people aren’t building great relationships anymore. They prefer just to hook up with a girl, buy her a few drinks, sleep with her, and then move on to the next one.

In America girls look up to women such as Kesha, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. While the girls out there can try to argue with me I can guarantee that you have been influenced by them.

The above Women are usually mentally disconnected with reality. They must sell their body just to get fame.

There are quite a few Women out there that don’t have to sell their bodies, but the number of the “sell outs” are much higher.

Is It Impossible To Find A Good Girl?

Even though this world has so much filth going around it is not impossible to find a Good Girl. They are out there you just have to find them.

By the end of this article you will know how to find the Good Girl that you want. You will be able to build a great relationship with her.

Remember to come to the conclusion of what type of girl you want or else you will end up wasting your time.

Maybe you want to have 100’s of one night stands or maybe you want to have one girl who fulfills all that what you desire.

It is up to you.

What Is My Definition Of A Good Girl

I define a Good Girl as follows:

  1. A Good Girl is a Virgin or has had few “partners”
  2. A Good Girl is working towards something such as School
  3. A Good Girl dresses with style not like the bum or slutty girls you see walking around
  4. A Good Girl does not start drama
  5. A Good Girl allows her Man to be the Man and her the Woman
  6. A Good Girl does not go out to parties
  7. A Good Girl sticks by her Man and actively seeks to make him happy

My definition sounds like the perfect girl. You are probably thinking to yourself there’s no way that someone can have a girl who does all of that.

They are out there. People claim that you should go out of the country to find a Good Girl. 

How To Find A Good Girl

Now that you have got to this point it is time for me to show you how to find a Good Girl. I will give you a list of ways to attract, find, and get a Good Girl.

We will keep it simple and to the point.

A Good Girl doesn’t settle for an average guy. They might if you present the Image of a Dominant Man, but once they realize you are a little boy in disguise they will leave you.

For someone like me, the girl that I am with, spends time with me and she does work for me

Not because I am some Alpha Guy, but because she knows that the chances of her finding someone like me are slim to none.

 I hear guys complain about how their girl left them or how their girl makes their life terrible. Don’t make me laugh.

If you were a Man you wouldn’t have those problems. The Secret to keeping a girl is simple:

Be The Man And Find A Good Girl

That is all that you need to do. But you know me. I like to go into detail so buckle up and throw away everything your Mommy and the Pick-Up Artists have told you.

Taking A Good Girl And Making Her Your Princess

I am going to give you two things. You will understand what you need to do to position yourself to get a Good Girl and then how to keep them.

How To Position Yourself To Get A Good Girl And Be A Success:

Be A Dominant Man– Being a Dominant Man is more than just being jacked and controlling people. Long ago I learned from Mike that to truly be Dominant it is more about your Mindset than anything else.

Your Mindset is a crucial part that you must have in place before you even try to be successful. Your Mindset leads to the language that you use as well as your Frame.

Be Confident In Yourself– This could go along with being Dominant, but you must be confident in yourself. If you lack confidence in yourself you might as well stay where you are in life.

You absolutely need to be confident in yourself. Having confidence allows you to enjoy a higher quality life as well as makes you more attractive to women.

Have A Mission– Men with a Mission are the type of people you must move to the side of when they pass. When you have your Mission you will be in a position to be successful as well as get a Good Girl.

Good Girls love Men with a Mission. There is nothing better than a Man to have a Mission and a girl who believes in him.

Be Healthy– Health is obviously an important part of life. As a Man you need to be in control of your health.

You don’t have to be a Greek god, but you should be in overall good shape. A Man is strong, healthy, and has a good diet.

My diet consists of fresh fruit, lean meat, and vegetables. I workout Monday-Friday twice a day. I use Saturday and Sunday as my rest days.

By being healthy you will be more attractive to possible Good Girls. You will be able to also properly run your life.

How To Find And Keep A Good Girl:

Look For Them In The Right Places– A Good Girl will not be found in the club or on Tinder. While you might find one there, the chances are very low.

If a girl is on Tinder I would stay away from her if you are seeking to build a relationship with a Good Girl. The only use Tinder or the club offers is Entertainment and an easy girl.

Use your own logic in searching for a Good Girl. Something I have noticed is that a Good Girl will be brought to you if you have properly positioned yourself.

Treat Her Like A Woman And Not Like One Of The Boys– Many Men today treat their girls like one of the guys. If you plan on keeping a Good Girl you must learn how to treat her like a Woman.

It is obvious that Men and Women are different. We are different both physically and mentally. 

You must treat her like a Woman if you want her to treat you like a Man. I believe the reason for so many Women nowadays treating their Men bad is due primarily to most Men being pussies.

You must be firm, collected, and assertive if you want to have a good relationship.

Tell Her What You Want– If you want to have a happy and rewarding relationship you must tell her what you want. This goes for the ladies reading this as well. 

You complain about your relationship yet don’t tell her what you want. If she does something that bothers you, you decide to keep it to yourself.


Tell her if she does something that you don’t like. Don’t act like a child by just going with it.

Show Her You Are The Man In Bed– It is a proven fact that Women like rough sex and love to be dominated. Take “50 Shades of Grey” as an example.

I haven’t read the book, but I saw the movie.

Women absolutely loved the movie. Feminist groups tried to prevent the movie from coming out, but did not have enough support.

Most girls have fantasies (even if they won’t admit it) of having a strong Man dominate them. This does not mean that they are weak.

It is natural.

To keep a Good Girl show her in every way that you are strong and that she is yours. From helping her with day-to-day stuff, being assertive, to breaking the bed during sex.

Go Claim Your Good Girl

There you have it. You now have everything you need to know to get started on not only being a success but getting a Good Girl.

I will post similar posts like this from time to time. 

Thank you for all the support I’ve been seeing from you lately. Our mailing-list has been growing daily and we are now reaching more and more people.

I will see you again soon.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Most women nowadays did a complete 180 from the old days making love very difficult to find for so many of us single guys now unfortunately. Back then, women were very easy to meet at that time. The very sad thing now is that feminism is everywhere today as well, adding to the problem.

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