How to Retain a Client

Closed your first client? Cool. Let’s talk about how to RETAIN a client.

Here are the 10 commandments to keeping a client 

1. Build a genuine friendship

People mess up by trying to keep it all about business. What are their pains, dreams, plans? You should know. 

Remember: A service is replaceable. A friendship is not

2. Keep a reporting system 

Your clients should know where they are now vs where they were before. Keep a report of their growth. Update them bi-weekly

3. Communication

Communication is key. You should be communicating with your clients daily

– What you intend for the day

– What you have done

Your clients need to understand that you’re on top of it.

4. Be blunt

You’re the expert. They aren’t paying you to be a yes man. They’re paying you for results. If you think their idea is bad? Tell them exactly why then give them a solution

5. Own it all

Your clients hate complaining and excuses. F*cked up? Own it. They’ll respect you for it

6. Keep your word

If you said you’d do something? It must be done. Move Heaven and earth if you must.

7. The vision

Remind your clients of where they’re going. If your client hit $10,000 a month? Remind them that $20,000 is next. If your client hit 1000 followers? Remind them that 2000 is next. They need to be looking forward to the next milestone.

8. Results

Results are the base of a long-lasting relationship. It’s great if you’re friends but if you’re not providing results? Your client won’t stick around.Nobody wants to pay to get nothing in return.

9. The extra-mile

If you promised X, your client expects X. What if you deliver 2x? 3x? This will make you stand out. Almost nobody does this. People will do just enough to get paid. Want to stand out? Go the extra-mile.

10. Growth

If your client sees that you’re providing increasingly better results, they’ll keep you around (and pay you more). People don’t like to do business with people that are stagnant.


-Try new things

-Study your craft

It’s a win-win for everybody.

Final thoughts:

You don’t have to implement ALL of those but you must implement SOME of those. Don’t be the freelancer that can’t get a client for more than 1 month. You’re better than that.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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