Why do I write under a pen name?

Not a photo of mine, but thought it fit the post perfectly.

Not a photo of mine, but thought it fit the post perfectly.

This week I received an email from a reader in which he asked why do I write under a pen name. He also claimed that by doing so I was trying to hide something. Am I real or am I fake?

Unlike my other posts I will try to keep this post short because I do not feel that I need to validate me choosing to write under a pen name. The only reason that I have chosen to write this article is to let you know the truth from me and not some 3rd party opinion.

In the beginning when I created this blog I wrote under my real name. Then I started getting messages on Facebook from random people most of which didn’t even have anything legitimate to say.

Once that happened I made the decision to write under a pen name that way I could protect the people who are close to me such as my family and friends. This blog is my domain and I share it with all of those who have a similar vision that I do.

I share it with people who want to better themselves.

I share it with people who are looking for a place to call home.

I share it for the people who want to rise from being a loser to being an Olympian

This is not a place that I want just anyone coming to that includes some of my family/friends as well. If you are a loser or someone who does not want more out of life then I ask that you kindly to leave at once.

But there is something that I am hiding….

I am just like you.

What does that mean?

I still bleed. I still go through heartbreak. I have my faults and weaknesses. I have days where I just want to give up and settle.

But guess what I don’t because I am on a mission. Since I am on a mission no matter what life throws my way I keep moving forward. My mindset is that I can have whatever I want if I put my mind to it.

As I sit here behind this computer screen and write out this article I have things going through my head. Currently I am building my newest E-Commerce store. It has been a learning-curve, but I absolutely love it. To me there is nothing better than having an idea and then bringing it into the light. Also, I am planning several trips. I am going to be flying out to London to see a good friend of mine and possibly even Bali to meet with some possible business prospects.

Another thing that is going through my head is what I need to do this weekend such as talk with a supplement supplier and how I can better reach my readers on this blog.

You see life is always moving forward whether you like it or not. Life is either progressing or going down hill. The choice is yours and yours only.

Yes I can point you in the right direction or one of my posts might be the thing that opens your eyes, but it is YOU that makes the decision.

As I have said in previous posts: Start today to change your life, do not wait any longer.

But let me return to the original subject of this post. Not only do I choose to write through a pen name for privacy. But I also write through the name Sergie as a way to remove myself from my ego and write from the heart. It is from the heart that the truth comes out.

You can hate me or love me, but to be quite honest it does not mean anything to me.


I created this blog because I want to offer motivation, actionable advice, and to offer a place where like-minded people can come together. I do not have to run this blog. I could delete it right at this very moment, but I refuse to because this is my medium to reach you.

As time progresses I will open up new ways of communication.

You can currently show your support through the following ways:

I love writing and at times this blog is a way to keep me sane as I constantly have ideas racing through my head. This post was a little longer than I had originally intended, but I wanted to be open and honest with you.

I appreciate your support and am open to any feedback you may have for everything from posts-improvements. If you like this blog I ask that you subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the subscription box at the right.

Until next time Go and Dominate Your Life.

Your friend,


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About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I write articles for the person looking for more out of life. Who knows they can be better, but needs a little guidance and motivation. I work online while traveling the world. And live a life where I can do do whatever I want. If that interests you, welcome to Calm and Collected.

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  1. It’s funny, because by writing under a pen-name you can actually be MORE honest – because you don’t need to worry about what you write coming back to haunt you in quite the same way as if you used your real name.

    And, as you said, it minimises the effect your ego might have on your work.

    So far as I can tell, you are not making any claims which are so unbelievable as to necessitate your real name, so I see no problem – that plus the benefits I mentioned above, and I can totally understand why. I’d be using a pen-name too if I wasn’t completely incapable of doing so. Ha.

    • Great comment. As long as the person doesn’t lie I see no problem whatsoever with a pen name. There is no need for certain writers/bloggers to lie to their readers.

      By speaking the truth you are able to resonate with the person that is reading your blog.

  2. Nice! It is always fun and you are so motivated to make ideas work and come to reality!

    An online store is always a great idea that can flourish under the right growth strategies.

    Hey, it doesn’t bother me one bit if you want to write under a pen name.

    It’s your life and you do what you damn please! 🙂

    – Samuel Pustea

    • Yes it can grow quite well. You are right when you say, “It’s your life and you do what you damn please!”. Everyone can do whatever they want. Thanks for the comment Samuel. I hope to see you around more.

  3. I write under a ‘pseudo’-pen name; I have no gripes about it.

    Like you, I want to help men better their lives and if I find that using a pen name will be more conducive to achieving that goal, then what does it matter?

    Keep it up!

    • I didn’t want to at first because I thought it would make me sound fake. But you know what my message is real and like you said if it helps achieve the goal it doesn’t matter.

      It is amazing how many men’s lives can be changed just by writing a post about something you went through.


  4. Thanks for clearing that up, I was confused and thought you had sold this blog to someone else. This makes much more sense though because you didn’t strike me as someone who’d do that.

    This has always been an interesting topic for me as when I first started blogging I used a pen name so my friends couldn’t find me on Google (this was back around 2006-2007 when I first got into blogging at age 13). I was embarrassed by it all, truth be told, so that was my justification for it.

    I went to using my real name once one of them did find me and found out they were all incredibly jealous. Who knew?

    Good for you for standing ground with this. See you around.

    • No problem just wanted to put it out there for people to see. I will never sell this blog because that would be like selling a part of myself.
      Interesting story Alex. You would be surprised with what people are jealous of that you would never have known.

      Email me sometime if you would like to chat.


  5. Sergie,

    Cool post. I think a pen name is like a brand. When I write I harness the best of what i have to offer and I refine it to a precise work that is my brand. Keep crushing life my friend, and Im excited to hear about your travels.

    Chase Power

  6. Boom. Cleared the air pretty quick with this post. Good job. You know what’s funny? People who idolize certain bloggers are the people who hate bloggers with pen names…not realizing their idols are doing just that, using a pen name too!

    Nothing wrong with writing under a pen name – it’s only when people start writing under fake LIVES. They claim they’re millionaires hustling etc…reality? Mothers basement.

    You’re keeping it real, you’re protecting those you care about…Especially when you talk about feminism – those “feminists” are crazy! (example: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3059896/Bomb-threat-offensive-weight-loss-ad-Backlash-Protein-World-s-diet-supplements-intensifies.html)

    Keep it up Serg.

    • Yes it is all about keeping it real. Wow thanks for sharing that article with me I didn’t realize they attacked Protein World that bad. It is kind of funny to me how insecure people are.

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