As always we keep it moving here. To keep with that commitment we have brought on a new team member. His name is Michael Hewitt.

You could say this whole collaboration was destiny. Michael and I found each others work online but nothing really happened.

The two of us have our own projects and we’re busy making things happen. Then one morning I got this feeling that it would be refreshing to bring on another perspective.

I wanted someone who was a Young Hustler but had their own unique story. Before thinking about this idea anymore I decided to run a poll.

A total of 73% of you wanted a fitness expert. No more than an hour later I noticed a message from Michael saying that he would love to come on board.

If you want to hustle, have a killer body, and live on your terms then pay attention to everything he publishes.

Being a Young Hustler is about living on your terms in every area. If that’s what you want then wait no further.

Michael take it away…

Dear readers of Calm & Collected,

Hi, I’m Michael Hewitt. In collaboration with Mr.Madden, I’ll be delivering fitness and health-related content to Calm & Collected. I’m humbled, I’m excited, and I can’t wait to shed light on how to bust sleeves and develop a physique worth admiring.

Who is Michael Hewitt?

I’m an opera singer and actor and fitness consultant. I’ve spent the past decade experimenting on my body, using different training programs and methods to build muscle and different nutrition ideas to fuel myself.

I believe in vision and I believe in work ethic. Fortune favors the bold.

Too many of our countrymen sit idly by, waiting in passivity for something good to come to them. Everything in my life has proven otherwise.

I was raised on hard work. Now, I wasn’t digging ditches or laying brick, but in our house, you had to earn your privileges.

Time spent playing video games was earned through time spent doing chores. An allowance wasn’t a given-we had to clean the dog shit, mow the lawn, clean the cars, etc. Business is the most fun and most rewarding game in life.

You provide a service, someone gets value from it and they pay you $$$, you stack, repeat, and expand. My first hustle was selling candy. Somehow, I realized that a few kids would spend a quarter for a single Jolly Rancher.

Soon, I had pockets filled with candies, and would cut deals in the hallway. Once the teachers got wind of this, we had to move behind the playground after school.

We didn’t grow up rich. Before my father’s business gained traction, he was playing in nightclubs as a jazz pianist and songwriter and my mom was working retail.

However, just down the street from us were palatial properties inhabited by basketball stars and the white-collar elite. As I saw it, that existence was completely within in my grasp-I just had to work for it-I had to earn it.

We face a major crisis in 21st century America. We have lost our Rite of Passage. No longer do we have a test, a proving ground, a crucible that signifies that we are worthy of our cushy existence.

A person can live comfortably while accomplishing nothing. As men, our biology compels us for a literal task to challenge us. We seek what is tangible and desire a challenge to conquer.

When we ask “why fitness?”, the answer is this: Because the iron is the last gauntlet we have available to us. It is easy to settle into a soy-body, a “dad-bod”, an estrogenic and flaccid sack of flesh; it is hard to forge yourself into a statue worth commemorating. Hard, and very worth it.

The iron is objective. A is A, and 200 lbs will always be 200lbs. You either can, or you can’t. There are no participation trophies in self-advancement.

What am I doing now:

In May, I received a Master of Music in Opera Performance from Rice University. In December, I got married. Then in November, I raised nearly $3,000 to aid pediatric cancer research and development through The D10 Decathlon. Currently, I’m playing Jud Fry in the American classic Oklahoma! at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, NY.

When I’m not onstage or in rehearsal, I’m probably lifting, working with clients, or putting in work on my own site, Hewitt Fitness. As Dylan did last year, I’ve bet on myself and so I go hard everyday for what I want.

Come this fall, my wife and I’ll be moving to NYC. It’s the center of the world, and where the biggest movers and shakers of our world do business. It’s time to get in on those deals.

The development of my body has become the literal embodiment of my dedication to my own self-advancement.

It’s hard to flex your hustle muscle if you’ve barely any skeletal muscle to flex. In my childhood, I got fat.

Now, I wasn’t so fat that my rolls had rolls, but I was fat enough to get made fun of, nicknamed “The Before Picture” by my friends, and be filled with overwhelming dread at the prospect of my 5th grade pool field-trip.

Come high-school, I had decided enough was enough and through football practice, swim class, and sheer force of will, I cut 40 pounds.

Then I slowly took possession of my life and dedicated myself to becoming the man I had envisioned I could be.

You come to Calm & Collected to better yourself, to focus on the big picture of your life, and to learn from the best about hustling.

Where I come in is I will answer all of your questions and provide content on how to look jaw-droppingly awesome while you build your empire. A killer body should complement your life, not run it.

I’m here for y’all-if you want a topic covered, question answered, or your form checked out, let me know. Either get with me directly or leave a comment below.

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You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

In iron,


PS: Gain early access to Dylan’s upcoming book Think and Go Hustle.

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  1. I sold Kablueys. 5 cents to 50 boom.
    I do love fitness advice. I look forward to your articles.

  2. Solid piece! Looking forward to your fitness content here at C & C.

    The Jolly Rancher story had me laughing. I used to sell gel pens for insane profit margins back in the elementary school days.

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