I’m writing this article to show you what I’ve been up to and to tell you a few improvements that are coming to Way of The Olympian.

It feels like ages since I’ve wrote an article. Of course as I write this it has only been 5 days since the last published article. I’ve been so busy lately that it seems like 3 weeks since my last article.

So what have I been up to?

Working, Working, and Oh Working…

Over the past week and a half everyday for me has been dedicated to working. I wake up at 2:30AM and don’t go to bed until 11PM. You might think I sound crazy, but I have a reason for all of this work.

I allowed myself to become slightly stagnant and I am sick of it. In order for me to push past the “barriers” I will need to take MASSIVE action. By taking MASSIVE action you are able to build up Momentum much faster.

Remember this: The more you do the faster you get results

Of course there are situations where that doesn’t apply, but as long as you work smart you will be fine. Keep your Mission as your main priority and you won’t have to worry.

I work like a robot Monday-Saturday. Sunday is my day of rest, study, and any other productive things I want. I am a firm believer than every Olympian should take a break on the 7th day to re-energize for an awesome week ahead.

Monday-Saturday my days look like this:

  • Wake Up At 2:30AM
  • Start a GroundsKeeping gig by 4AM and finish by 9-11AM
  • Drive Home and workout
  • Shower
  • Eat First Meal which lately has been consisting of Beef and Eggs
  • Check Email and Social Media
  • Decide What Part of My Business I Need/Want To Work On
  • Work On Business Until 9:30PM
  • Relax Until Around 10:30PM
  • Repeat

As you can see my week is packed full. From the outside looking in it may appear that I have no me time. You may be right, but I don’t even know what that is anymore. If it isn’t about Growing or Business then it is a waste of time.

Yeah I could go out drinking or play video games. There are plenty of things that I could do other than better myself. The more that I grow, the harder I find it to just “take it easy”.

This could just be a stage that I’m going through but I will ride the wave until I come back to shore. From my point of view I should be working my butt off now so that I can do what you won’t be able to in the future (unless you start Taking Action as well).

I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to waste away in a cubical. That is why on 4/9/2016 I fulfilled my last day at my 9-5. Never to look back again.

Since then I have been eliminating people and influences out of my life that don’t push me towards Greatness. Family, Love, and Pointless Activities.

You see to become the person you want, you must be willing to Pay The Price. The person you are today isn’t going to get you to where you want. You need to shake your life up. Become the person that has the life that you want and then you will get it.

Money And Power

Lately I have been making more money than I ever have. This isn’t by accident. Rather it is by design.

To make more money you must do one of two things:

  1. Work More
  2. Change Up How You Make $$$

If you combine both of those you have a very powerful combination. Within a short amount of time your pockets will be full of cash. You will have more power and guess what you will be happy.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does put you into a position to be happier. I’ve been broke as Uncle Joe’s bad family jokes. I can tell you without blinking that I enjoy having plenty of money much more.

Don’t let any loser convince you that it is moral to be poor. Being poor makes you less than who you really are. When you are desperate you are more likely to do something stupid.

When you have plenty of money you can be a better person. What runs Charities, Church’s, or helps your Family? That’s right money does!

The point I am making is that I wanted more money so I decided to change up how I made it and then have been working more. In a months time I will be in a great financial situation if I keep this up.

Growing My Business and Hiring People

Now that I am Self-Employed and have the ability to make more money things are improving. Becoming Self-Employed was one of the best moves I’ve made. It forced me to become who I wanted to be.

Everyday for me is an adventure. Something else that I love is that I’m constantly growing and learning new things. When you are the Boss, Employee, and HR things have to change.

I am growing my business and looking to hire people. As of now I have hired one person. This person will handle tasks that I can do, but he can do much more effectively.

My end goal is that once I have expanded my business to where I want it, I will be able to hire a full staff. Not only will having my own staff maximize my time, but I will be able to focus on what my strengths are.

Instead of looking for multiple businesses to run I have fully grasped the importance of building a business around yourself. I looked at my business as Way of The Olympian, but I was wrong.

Way of The Olympian is where I create content and is my Platform for you to get connected with my overall brand. The same goes for YouTube and everything else I do.

By fully understanding this I have taken a big weight off of my shoulders. Now instead of balancing multiple projects on my shoulders I look at everything as one thing.

If you are serious about having your own business which allows you to be free from the 9-5 then you need make the same Mindset shift. It will make getting everything you want in life SOOOO much easier. Trust me on this one.

New Things Coming…

There are quite a few new things coming to Way of The Olympian. While I cannot tell you everything, I will tell you a few things.

  • New Official Logo
  • Free eBook for Subscribing (If you already are Subscribed then check your Inbox)
  • Service/Consultations

In life you must always be evolving and growing. If you always get better then you will always be able to achieve newer levels of fulfillment. So always always be doing new things and becoming better.

Concluding Thoughts and Letting You Know Something

As I tie up this article I want to let you know something. I realized the other day that I grew lazy with Way of The Olympian and YouTube. Because of this realization you will be seeing more.

I also realized that I have grown tired of just appearing as some Blogger. I refuse to be just another Blogger on the Internet. My message will not be able to impact enough people unless I expand.

Just like with any business you must expand and really hone in on your hustle. Of course you cannot be a real business unless you have a Product or Service. This may be hinting that I have a Product on the way. Expect the same passion in the Product that you get from my other content.

The reason I haven’t released any Product up until this point is I do not ever want to trade my message for dollars. I knew that if I waited just a little longer I would be able to give you something much better.

Changing things up…

As you can see I have a lot of great things going on right now. I am very grateful for everything that is happening. People and events are coming into my life at the perfect time. It is quite interesting how everything is working out.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Talk soon,

Dylan Madden

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My name is Dylan Madden. I write articles for the person looking for more out of life. Who knows they can be better, but needs a little guidance and motivation. I work online while traveling the world. And live a life where I can do do whatever I want. If that interests you, welcome to Calm and Collected.

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  1. Dylan, am I wrong or you are sleeping just 4hs a day? How is that even possible?

    • 4 hours a day although some days I get 5 hours. I will make a video about how I can do it. If you are subscribed to the Newsletter you will get notified.

      • That would be great.

        I will start 30DOD tomorrow and I’m aware that somedays I’m going to have just 4-5hs of sleep, so if there’s something I could do to adapt… I’m all hears.

  2. Nice work Dylan…always look forward to your posts. Keep Killing it brother!!!

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