The headline caught your attention and you’re scratching your head. Let’s dive into how to transmute sexual energy by learning how to masturbate.

There is a right way and a wrong way to masturbate. You see masturbation isn’t bad, but what is bad is mindlessly doing it.

When you do it just for the release you become empty inside. Masturbation leads to other issues as well.

You generally also watch porn during your session. Porn is terrible for your body, mind, and adds even more issues to your life.

For me personally it caused me to lust and took energy from me that would’ve been better used in other areas of my life.

Masturbating to porn made sex become just an act of release and nothing more.

Sex has a much more important role outside of pleasure and reproduction. Having sex enhances you both physically and spiritually.

As a man you should lose yourself in the act. For me sex is a way to show the girl I’m with why I chose her and to make a bond.

I could make it sound weird by talking about the masculine and feminine energies, but I’ll keep that for another article.

Through our upbringing we’ve been taught that porn is bad but yet in our personal lives it is still seen as normal.

Most of the time we start watching porn as a way to rebel. Our friends do it and yet parents are against it.

But what you need to understand is that you mindlessly masturbating to porn is messing you up more than you know.

If you are a facts person then the video below will give you the data. Otherwise keep reading and I’m going to show you the right way to masturbate and how you can transmute your sexual energy.

How to masturbate the right way

Now up to this point you have thought that searching for your hearts desire on Pornhub and then beating your meat was the right way.

It isn’t and you are doing more harm than good. By masturbating to porn you’re programming yourself to have a harder time getting an erection.

Not to mention that you’re tricking yourself into thinking that you don’t have to go out and find a real girl.

For years I watched porn and for years I didn’t have real sex. Surprisingly when I cut back on my porn use in high school I lost my virginity.

If you aren’t having real sex, chances are it’s because you choose porn over a real girl. Put away the lotion and go out there.

You shouldn’t be locked up in a dark room alone with a screen. Instead you should go out and find a girl or use that energy to better yourself.

How can you fix your situation?

First you need to learn the right way to masturbate.

The right way to masturbate is to only do it when you can’t transmute that energy into something else. You will have times that the energy is overwhelming and you aren’t able to release it into a project or girl.

When that time comes just release it. But the key is to NOT WATCH PORN. By watching porn you are inviting all of the problems associated with it and then training yourself to chase the release.

The release isn’t the thing to chase. As a man what you chase is the experience of ravishing a girl. That is where the true fulfillment from sex comes from.

If you can’t transmute your sexual energy then by all means release it.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t release your sexual energy often unless it is into a girl or project.

Now that you know how to masturbate the right way, let’s move on to sexual transmutation and how to use it.

How to transmute your sexual energy

Transmuting sexual energy is something that has interested me for a long time. I first read about it in Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill coined the term but didn’t explain it very well.

Then a few years later as I was reading B&D I read his article on harnessing its power. He explained it better than Napoleon but I still hadn’t experienced it.

Since I had never experienced it, it didn’t fully click in my head.

I didn’t fully understand sexual transmutation until I went 3 months without sex. During that period I mastered my sexual urges.

It wasn’t easy at first but after the first month, I understood sexual transmutation. I found that the less I released my sexual energy, the better I felt and the more productive I was.

From there I learned how to focus that energy into things such as creating content, studying, and social situations.

The key to transmuting your sexual energy is to cut out the porn and mindless masturbation. Those two things inhibit you from fully transmuting your sexual energy into other areas of your life.

After you cut out porn and mindless masturbation start using your sexual energy. Find a real girl, start a business, or work on your mind/body.

Turn Your Desires Into Reality

When you do masturbate here is how you will turn your desires into reality. Remember this doesn’t mean to watch porn.

Imagine someone in your mind. Walkthrough the entire scene and build up your energy.

As your energy builds up imagine a goal of yours. Be specific and only focus on one goal.

Maybe you want more money, so imagine yourself with more money. See yourself doing what you want and making money doing it.

Whatever it is that you want clearly see yourself doing it. While you’re in this state your imagination is at its peak.

Some call this method sex magic and others call it sexual transmutation.

You can ride this energy all of the way to orgasm or not. Personally, I ride it until the point of no return and then absorb the energy.

Instead of allowing myself to reach orgasm, I bring the energy within me and then get to work.

This may take you a few tries but the results will come.

The reason this works is because in this state you are at your most creative. You can see all possibilities.

As you train yourself to focus you will become more powerful.

Once you’ve gotten over your addiction to porn and mindless masturbation, you will be able to use your sexual energy however you want.

The great thing about all of this is that you will find that you are happier. Your confidence will go up as well.

People will seem more attracted to you and you’ll feel in control of your life.


Because you’ve mastered one the strongest energies known to man. Instead of being run by it, you now use it as a tool to get what you want.

To be successful materially and fulfilled spiritually it is a must that you master your sexual energy. Nobody can do it for you which is why you will learn to master yourself through the process.

Now that you know the truth and how you can use your sexual energy, you can’t look back. As a mentor of mine told me years ago, “Once your mind stretches it can’t go back to how it was before” and he was right.

Tune in next time for some more…

REAL DEALIN’ With The Real Dylan

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  1. I have a question , I use porn not for the purpose of éjaculation , but to be aroused , and replenish my sexual energy , then when I reach arousal I transmute it .would you say that porn is bad in that situation?

    • It’s bad in that you’re giving your energy to it and screwing up your brain. You need to find an actual person to replenish your sexual energy with.

  2. Dear Dylan, Really great explanation for all of us who have been searching the sex magic 🙂. I have a doubt that how the masturbation should be done as we normally do the way ( such a physical touching or without releasing our energy as normally all human does only I must do imagination about my goal? ) please clarify my doubt.

  3. But remember, good number of sexual urges come from stress. A lot of people want to mastrubate to escape their problems.
    Maybe I’m wrong or missing something. I personally will never choose to release this energy on masturbation. Instead, i will work on myself and my job every second of the day, supported by my sexual energy.

  4. I also just finished reading Think & Grow Rich and I MUST do this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Thanks for this. I came looking for an article that explained this while experiencing this “sex magic”…..Kind of ironic that it’s really “not have sex” magic 🙂 I’m a woman and have been celibate for about 14 days now and have never had so much energy (waking up at 4:30 am), barely needing to eat, feeling in control of my body and mind, and, most excitingly—my creative output has been phenomenal. I may have to go 15 days more…

  6. I once quit both cold turkey. Then one day, after about 30days, I relapsed. Man, you don’t realize how much energy both of these activities take away from you. First day of relapse, I felt so tired that I immediately took a nap.

  7. My method of masturbation was far worse and practically ruined my life. So essentially I masturbated by doing abdominal workouts (I think this is called a coregasm). This caused chronic abdominal pain that gets aggravated every time I get an erection. I may never be able to have sex and am in constant pain. Just mentioning to never Transmute Sexual Energy like that…

    • hello, your comment is scaring me because i do the same method. there isn’t that much information out there about it, did it ever heal? would u recommend to never do it?

  8. Get a girl? As a woman reading your article I feel like you’re treating women as some kind of objects to be used. If you’re going to write an article about spirituality/energy then at least have some decency to show some respect for the feminity. Or learn how to phrase your words more carefully/delicately.

    • Jesse. Not everything in this world is out to get you or your ‘female species’. Until girls like you can grow up, things will always be unbalanced. There is a lot of growing up to do among young females like yourself that get offended by everything. GROW UP. That includes FEMALES.

      • By the sounds of it John, you could do with some growing up yourself.

        • One chooses to be offended. I know cause one can also Choose not to be offended. We as a whole need to be choosing to spend our energy more efficiently than being offended at every opportunity, and lashing out at each other for it.

  9. Full of right wing agenda and bad info. Who says the only “right” way is to release your sexual energy into a girl or project??? What about gay men?? I don’t have sex with females, in fact, my husband and I frequently masturbate to porn together. And there is nothing wrong with either of our erections! If you want to learn to use your sexual energy, read Mantak Chia’s “The Multiorgasmic Man” his techniques are simple, powerful and easy to learn without alll the christofascist anti-sex posturing.

  10. Thanks for a great article ,
    Is it good to have sex frequently or is that also harmful ?

    I mean is masturbation the problem or too much of sex in general which releases energy .

  11. Can you explain further what mindless masturbation is please? Thank you.
    My fiancé and I practice the tantra way of sex. Yes I know and believe in controlling your sexual energy and manifesting it into other things. Does the mindless masturbation talk about masturbating without thinking about (example) your partner other than what you want to channel your energy to?

    • Tantra is great. I imagine another person at first. Once my state is elevated I imagine a goal. You can ride this all of the way to orgasm or stop right before. Great question Anetcha!

  12. Very cool!

    I actually listened to a message from a pastor once where he was talking about sex, porn, and masturbation. He said that in regards to masturbation being sinful, that masturbation was ok just so long as there wasn’t porn involved and to “not be mastered by your masturbation.”

    So in a way very similar hahaha.

    Anyways very interesting read and porn/masturbation holds no comparison to getting lost in the woman you love.

    Good stuff!

  13. This is so true, when I watch porn and masturbate I experience a serious brain fog. Getting over this addiction gives me a clearer vision, energy and more time to dedicate to my business.

  14. I read about it in think and grow rich too. glad someone else is writing about it as well. time to get laid.

  15. When I saw the title i got interested. I’ll be cutting out porn after reading this. I’ve tried before but it only lasted for a few days. Porn really is an addiction. Thank you Dylan for this article

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