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Hello my friend, today I have something special for you. I am going to give you my take on Victor’s Spartan Entrepreneur Vol. 1: The Blog Artist’s Handbook. For those of you who do not know who Victor is let me give you a quick background of who he is.

The Blog Artist’s Handbook Review

Victor is the Sole-Proprietor of a popular blog called Bold and Determined.

He was bored with what he was doing in life and wanted a change.

He saved up a years worth of money and moved to China where he lived for some time in a one bedroom apartment and built what has become Bold and Determined.

It took him close to a year and a half before he started getting comments and building a following, but that did not deter him whatsoever.

He kept putting out content and building his empire.

He had his big break when he released his eBook 30 Days of Discipline.

Victor gave out his first 500 copies away for free and after receiving positive feedback decided to start selling them.

Fast forward 4 years and he has two eBooks that are the best there is for what they offer.

Victor currently lives in his Mansion located in Vietnam. 

To say the least things are going very well for him and I could bet money that they will continue to improve as he expands.

Victor's Mansion in Vietnam.

Victor’s Mansion in Vietnam.

Now let us get to why you are reading this post……..

I read his Blog Artist Handbook last week and all I can say is that I was blown away by the information that he laid out.

I had learned quite a bit of it just from putting in the effort myself, but if I would have had this eBook when I first began it would have saved me months of trial and error. 

I will not go into great detail about the content of  his eBook because that would defeat the purpose.

Instead I will tell you why you need to get it and devour the information and if you don’t then you are missing out on something big.

If I was able to take you back in the day with your current knowledge would you invest into McDonald’s?

Enough said.

The basics of what you will learn from The Spartan Entrepreneur Vol. 1: The Blog Artist’s Handbook:

  • Why there is money in Blogging and eBooks
  • Ways to make money via your blog
  • What it takes to build a blog
  • Why most people fail
  • What you need to write a great blog
  • The 3 traits that successful blogs share
  • Tools that you can use to better your blog
  • How to get started: Setup your blog with BADNET, how to get a killer domain name, and picking a theme that will leave people like WOW that looks great.
  • How to setup a great article
  • All about Affiliate Marketing

I highly recommend this eBook for anyone who is looking to make their name online.

If you live a life worth speaking about or have an inner voice that urges you to speak to the world I urge you to pick it up and start a blog as soon as you can.

Go out and live a awesome life and tell people about it.

Look forward to more posts coming out over the next few weeks. I will be touching on some sensitive subjects and then also have some just downright eye opening articles.

Until next time Go out and Dominate every area of your life.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

Take Your Blog To The Next Level With The Blog Artist’s Handbook.

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  1. Really enjoying this blog, although new, I can see great potential, and I find it interesting that I too was screwed by a MLM company.

    As somebody trying to start a blog along the same lines, I would be happy to help in any way I can, take a look at a few of my posts and if you think we are of similar minds, maybe we could help each other out, even if we only exchange book suggestions at first, its all in the interest of us growing stronger.

    Let me know, but either way great blog!

    p.s-Read the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Thank you Jack for your comment. I am glad that you enjoy my blog look forward to more content. Yes I have since then moved on from MLM. I still receive a small check from another MLM, but it is nothing to be impressed by. My main focus is this blog and I am using it to change lives. I am in the process of creating an eBook for my readers. As far as helping if you could help me with exposure much would be appreciated. Email me at we will chat. I will check out your blog within the hour. Also, I’ll have to get that book.


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