This is my story. My hope is that you use this article to pull yourself up. If you are young or older, you can live the life that you want.


My Story

It has been over a year since I moved out of my parents house.

Life is great as I have complete control over what I do.

If I want to go out at 1 AM then, I do it.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up in a modern American household.

My Dad would always be working.

It was at that time that I decided that I didn’t want to work for someone else.

He made multiple 6  Figures, but the amount of stress he had to put up with wasn’t worth it.

As for my Step-Mom she cared about me but never really could show love to me.

I had dreams in those days of becoming a Businessman.

Running my owns Empire while racking in loads of cash.

But as with most Parents they never agreed with what I said I wanted.

There response was, “Dylan you need to go to college and then get a good job.”

Young And Frustrated

dylan madden

Dylan Madden 2013

I was 19 at the time and I had been trying to figure out the “secret” to life since I was 15.

To say the least I was frustrated with life.

I thought that if I could just find that “secret combination” to life that I could finally be who I wanted.

At the time I was in a bad relationship with a girl that made me miserable.

Her parents were telling me the same thing as my parents were.

Her Mom told me she needed to speak to me so she said she would like to take me out to dinner.

I agreed and so off we went.

Over dinner our conversation went something like this:

Her: Dylan I brought you here because I am worried about you.

Me: Why?

Her: You are a very smart and handsome guy. I know you have a vision for your life, but that is only because you are young.

You need to get real and man up. I want you to go to College or join the military.

Me: But I don’t want to go to college and I am not going to join the military. I already have a few ideas that I can act on.

If I work hard then I will be able to make a living from it eventually.

Her: Dylan don’t do this to yourself. Only losers follow the path that you are going down. If you want to be a part of this family, you need to get a real job and do what normal people do.

Me: (Half Sarcastic) But I’m not normal. I don’t want to be normal. Normal is going to parties and clubs. Normal is going to a job you hate.

There is no job in the world that I want to do. I see people that make money from their own home.

If  they can do it then so can I.

Her: Dylan this conversation is over. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Only losers do what you are doing. You need College to be successful.

Maybe They Are Right

In my young mind I started thinking that everyone around me was right.

Maybe I am just a loser.

Maybe only certain people can make money on their own. 

If it weren’t for two people in my life I would have completely given up.

These two people showed complete belief in me.

When I say complete belief, I really mean it.

Those two people were my Mom and my Brother (by Spirit).

My Mom from the time I was born to this day has believed in me.

I am her light and that is special too me.

While I do not show her as much attention as she deserves I still try to call her daily.

It has been around 8 months since I have seen her.

(Need To Plan A Trip)

My brother is someone who has been with me since Middle School.

We are the type of people that could not see each other for 10 years and then bump into each other and leave off where we were.

That is something special.

This is the Man who has been involved with me in every venture I’ve started.

In the early days of Calm and Collected he would tell me, “Dylan you have a message people need to hear. Don’t

worry about the money because it will come.”

Here is a picture of us in the office:

way of the olympian

(More On These Two People Later)

As I was saying I was seriously doubting myself in those days.

Being 19 with a head full of ideas, but no guidance is a terrible feeling.

So upon graduating I decided to give College a try.

Following Their Advice

This was a dark time for me.

I was frustrated and alone.

I knew what I wanted, but it didn’t seem to work.

I realized that I had to depend on my own self to get what I wanted.

The only problem is I didn’t see how I would be able to achieve any of my dreams.

I started attending College.

My gut told me it was a waste of time.

But what else would I do?

After being in College for less than 3 months I knew it wasn’t the place for me.

I wasn’t going there for any reason other than I felt like I had too.

To make matters worse my business teacher had never even ran a business.

I Dived Deeper Into The Void

way of the olympian

I stopped going to class.

I would wake up, take my siblings off to school, and then come home.

I started smoking pot.

Before I knew it my days looked like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Take Siblings To School
  • Smoke
  • Sleep
  • Go To Work

I started getting deeper into the Void.

My life sucked at that point.

From an early age I had always been an avid reader of Personal Development.

But at this time I completely threw everything I had learned out.

Half way through my first year of College I was beaten and depressed.

Until one day as I was laying on the floor of my room and a thought came to me.

“Why in the heck am I doing any of this?”

I know what I want and I had a basic understanding of Personal Development.

Like A Phoenix I Rose

i rose out of the flames

I grabbed a red Binder I saw on my desk.

I broke it into multiple parts:

  1. Goals
  2. Affirmations
  3. Business Ideas
  4. Personal Development

I filled the entire binder with everything in my head.

When I was at the bookstore I picked up a book that caught my attention.

The Title was, “Think And Grow Rich”.

As I read the book things started making more and more sense.

It absolutely blew my mind with how powerful the mind was.

I filled an entire composition notebook with notes.

(Order Yourself A Paperback Edition Of It So You Can Take Notes)

The only business thing I was doing at the time was Multi Level Marketing.

I started applying myself to it and grew my team to over 200 people.

I was lucky enough to recruit a Real-Estate agent who knew a lot of people.

I started making a little money from it.

But it still didn’t feel like my thing.

I continued this for several years and even switched to another company.

I still didn’t find it to fit my desires.

My vision was of owning my own company, not being just a salesman for someone elses company.

Fate Brought Me To My First Several Role Models

fate has brought us together

At this point I had an idea for a company called Olympian Lifestyle. 

I wanted it to cover all areas of life.

If you had questions about making money, being healthy, or gaining confidence Olympian Lifestyle was going to be the answer.

I still didn’t know exactly how to do what I wanted so I continued reading books and online sources.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I typed into Google, “Top 100 Personal Development Site.”

Once it loaded I clicked the first link.

I scrolled through the sites and something caught my eyes.

I clicked over to it and that was the day I found Victor Pride at Bold And Determined

But I ended up only reading an article and then closed the browser.

A month or so later I once again went to Google.

I searched, “The No BS Guide To Making Money Online.”

Of course it led me to B&D.

I started reading and my eyes were opened to a world that I didn’t know existed.

In Victor Pride I found a Mentor like feeling.

I was inspired by what he had done and wanted to be like him in the sense of being my own Man and living a great life.

From there I found out about Mike Cernovich from Danger And Play.

Mike taught me about Mindset and how to Dominate in my day to day life.

Something that I really like about Mike is our stories are similar in regards to having to pull ourselves up.

He wasn’t given anything, yet now he has everything that he wants.

After that I discovered Chris from Good Looking Loser.

In Chris I found an older brother who had experienced a lot.

Something that I really admire about Chris is that he has achieved so much yet he is VERY down to Earth.

These three Men are the only Role-Models that I have had in life.

They are the Men who showed me how to be a Man.

They showed me how to make money online.

They showed me how to control my thoughts.

They showed me how to be King.

The Birth Of Calm and Collected

After learning from those three Men I decided now was my time to become who I wanted.

I didn’t care what I had to do.

I didn’t care how long it took.

But I decided that I was going to take the life that I wanted.

No more excuses.

I moved out of my Parents house and decided to cut off most communication with them.

I had long since been out of my terrible relationship with my ex.

I was determined to live the life I wanted.

By this time I had found a new relationship with a Good girl.

Without hesitation I started my blog.

I used BADNET to start Calm and Collected.

(Just a side note BADNET is a great way to get your blog started within 24 hours)

My mission for Calm and Collected was to show people that they could be who they wanted.

That no matter where you were that you could change your circumstances.

I wanted Calm and Collected to be able to show all of the lost people how to go from average to Olympian.

I knew that to get any readers I would have to force myself to improve.

It is one thing to have a head of ideas, but it is another to live them.

The Evolution Of Dylan Madden

dylan madden

I wrote under a pen name in the beginning of Calm and Collected.

But I started feeling as if it was holding me back.

I decided to expose myself to you so that you could see who I was.

I knew that some hate would come, but that is would be ultimately positive. 

For you to be able to fully grasp my message you needed to see me.

I released my picture and then later my full name.

Sergie was my mask, but then I decided to reveal who I really was.

Since starting Calm and Collected my life has improved 110%.

I get great emails from you guys.

I have a sense of purpose.

My life is a constant adventure and I have a lot of fulfillment.

Not only have I grown a lot, but you have as well.

That is the true beauty of running Calm and Collected.

I get connected with people who are on the other side of the world.

But even with all of you who love Calm and Collected, there are still haters lurking around.

Advice To My Haters

I have noticed a common theme in regards to my haters.

They seem to either be very ignorant, retarded, or a 10 year old kid.

For someone to come on to a video or post of mine and leave a hateful comment shows that they have nothing better going on in their life.

It seriously makes me laugh when I see that someone has left something negative.

But I am a good guy so I want to help my haters.

My hope is that you can follow this advice and finally evolve into someone who has a brain.

To My Haters:

  • Start doing something meaningful with your life
  • Have sex with a woman
  • Make some money
  • Get some friends
  • And if that doesn’t work then you really need to Read my site

You see haters are people who have nothing going on in their lives.

So instead of changing their circumstances they go on to sites where they see people enjoying life and leave hateful comments.

They aren’t really trying to hurt that person.

All a hater wants is to get validation for their existence from their target.

Haters are really fans who just won’t admit it.

Here are some posts I’ve done that will change your life:

Now The Story Continues With You

I am just a normal person who has bigger ambitions than following what society wants me too.

You can live the life that you want.

You can have the girl that you want.

You can be financially independent.

I have said it a thousand times, all you need to do is Take Action.

You are the creator of your own story.

Stop making other people the main character and live your life.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

Articles That I Mentioned In This Post:

The No BS Guide To Making Money Online  By Victor Pride

How To Become A More Dominant Man By Mike Cernovich 

30 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20’s By Chris (READ ALL THE PARTS AS THIS IS PART 3)


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  1. There is potential on this site, but one thing bothers me: when i come on a site that is called “Way Of The Olympian” I do expect the writer to look like a greek god. But you’re far from that, you look like a guy who is living in mom’s basement. You have greek theme website name, why isn’t your website having a ancient greek style theme? ( greek pottery give good ideas ). Read books written by ancient greek philosophers, read about the gods of olympian and implement those things on your site.

    Start to workout, watch your diet, embrace your greek theme and your site might become a success.

      • Ha I was waiting to see how you’d respond to this one. I think he does have some points that make sense from a logical standpoint though. First that taking inspiration from greek culture and mythology(without going overboard, of course) could help you stand out a little more. Second, that you indeed aren’t in great shape, and for someone who claims to be working on it, this shows a lack of discipline and effort on your part no matter what your actual situation may be. I totally disagree with these points being the deciding factor in whether you succeed or not however lol a bit cocky.

        • LOL yes from a logical standpoint.

          Taking inspiration from Greek Mythology is a possibility.

          Good point with the discipline portion. That is why I am taking a break from writing and not working on 4 different things.

          For the next month or so I will be focusing on working out, my online store, and book. Much more ground will be covered.

  2. Well done Dylan in going your own way and choosing your own path. You’ve done it at the right time – when you are young. I hope you’ll be able to look back with no regrets. There are definitely times looking back when I wished I hadn’t listened to well meaning people’s advice and done what I wanted to do.

    I do however believe that our mistakes shape us into the people we are and so I try not to live with regret. As Mike Cernovich would say, the past does not exist.

  3. Great stuff Dylan. I remember one day my dad came up to me and started telling me about RRSP’s but I cut him off saying I’d rather risk everything and lose than accept a sure sack of shit lol. Sometimes it can be hard not to feel guilty just for saying no to the “normal” life.

    It’s true you know. Not everyone can do this. Only those with brains, balls, and determination will make it and that’s the truth that you can see with your eyes. But that’s just real life and nothing to be surprised at. You’ve stuck at this for over a year already now so that’s a very good sign- most don’t last that long.

  4. Almost a carbon copy of my story.

    Didn’t want to go to college. Didn’t now what else to do so I went.

    Hated it. Useless. Became depressed, started using drugs constantly, stopped going to class. Mostly worked out, chases girls, partied.

    Got serious about using the Internet to make money. Saved up like 7K, prepared to move to Phillipines.

    Got severely sick though for the next 2 years unfourunately. Just now recovering and figuring out what to do.

    Glad to see someone thinks the same way. Seems like everyone I meet thinks I’m crazy.

    • You’re not crazy. Most people are born to be sheep.

      Here is something you can do:
      – Get into E-Commerce while working on your blog
      – Save up money
      – Once you have money coming in from your site, move to the Philippines

      Glad you are better now.

    • Hi Jake. I’m not sure if you are still interested, but I just came back from living in Saigon for the past 6 months. If you want some help connecting with entrepreneurs and freelancers that are in SE Asia, shoot me an email

      I was in your position about a year ago, and know how it feels. Good luck!


  5. Great article bro. Some of these things I didn’t even know about you. I’m so glad you’re here to guide people in need. You’re going to make the world a better place, I know it.

  6. The thing about normal people… they hate to see someone rise above it all. There’s a wave of panic in a normal person when someone tells them that:

    -I’m not going to live a life of servitude, misery, and constant disappointment.
    -I have massive ambitions that are considered off of the beaten path.
    -I will succeed, no matter how hard it is, or how long it takes.

    Normal people hear this and feel the fear that comes from knowing that you have the drive to achieve what they didn’t have the discipline, work ethic or balls to go after. They would much rather see you mired in the same miserable existence as everyone else in order to validate their own failure and complacency.

    I am living proof that taking the advice of “normal” people leads to an extremely marginal existence. Breaking out of it is the difference between living or simply being an object, taking up space in a cubicle or in front of a TV. It took me over ten years of misery to break out of that world, and the later you start, the harder it is.

    Keep at it, Dylan.

    • You (Brian) are right on all points, and I am also living proof of it. Now, few would call what I am anything like normal, but outside of my hobbies my life looks as pedestrian as hell. Over the past few years I’ve restructured how I think and approach the world, while carefully keeping my normalcy in most visible ways, slaved to it as I have been for stability. But how I do things has changed, and people react to me very differently. For one thing, they follow even when I’m not leading.

      If I’d learned all this earlier things would have been better – and I’m in the process of restructuring my outer world as I have my inner workings. If I’d done all this earlier it would have been gigantically easier, as Brian said. So my calling at this point is to help others either avoid or escape being a cog in the machine, my activities designed to demonstrate that I know how and that my advice will work.

      Never be marginal. Be Olympian.

  7. That hit home Dylan and I think most of us have been there i.e. being told to go to college, get a Job, your dreams are only dreams, be realistic the list goes on.

    That’s what makes us different from the masses tho. We the minority took action and we go hard at it until Success knocks on the door, no matter how hard the days were or still are. We are on a mission, building our kingdom an empire, we build connections with like-minded people and slowly but steady we are changing the world.

    Great post Dylan I wish you a kick-ass Day and all the best!


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