If you are like most people, you suffer from Anxiety. Most people take something called Xanax to help fix their Anxiety. But I am going to introduce you to something that is 10x better than Xanax. Phenibut is something that people who really want to make moves in life take. Enjoy this review and then buy some Phenibut.

Anxiety In Today’s World

In today’s fast paced world you suffer from more Anxiety than in the past.

  • Due dates for School
  • Seeking a promotion at work
  • Approaching girls
  • Making money

You might have sleepless nights because of anxiety.

You can feel your mind going around in circles and your stomach in knots.

You may smoke Weed to take the edge off.

(Weed Works But It Will Dull Your Cognitive Performance)

Or a lot of people take Xanax which will calm you down.

The problem with Xanax is that you become a Zombie.

Are You A Xanax Zombie?

Phenibut Review That Proves Xanax Sucks

Xanax works great to calm you down.

It calms you down so much that you become a Xanax Zombie.

I know this because in the past I was friends with several of these Xanax Zombies.

Xanax Zombies become passive and literally just walk around like a Zombie.

Of course they aren’t a real Zombie, but they are close to it!

The Xanax Zombies that I’ve known were like this:

  • Lacked Motivation To Take Action (Loser)
  • Became Depressed
  • Became VERY Lazy
  • Developed Odd Heart Rates
  • A Shell Of Their True Selves

When I would looked into their eyes it was like I was looking into a void.

Instead of really being cured of their anxiety, they became even more anxious.

As a reader of mine I will not allow for you to become a Xanax Zombie.

Instead I will show you something that I use that is 10X better than Xanax.

It offers what Xanax can’t without killing your Mind, Body, and Soul.

It is called Phenibut.


What Is Phenibut?

Let’s keep this simple.

Phenibut derives from something called GABA.

It binds to your GABA receptors in the brain and gets to work.

Phenibut is able to go past your Blood Brain Barrier much easier than most “Anxiety Supplements”.

The full name for Phenibut is Beta-Phenyl-Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.

The only side-effects are that you can build up a tolerance very quickly.

If you build up a tolerance and take it too much, you can also experience withdraw symptoms.

(PRO TIP: Only Take Phenibut 2-3 Times A Week To Prevent Tolerance Buildup Or Anything Negative)

If you have any other questions about what it is or any side-effects let me know.

Moving on to the cool stuff……

How Will You Feel On Phenibut?

zen like calmness with phenibut

When taking Phenibut you will feel a slight Euphoric feeling accompanied by Zen like Calmness.

For anyone who has taken MDMA I can say that the Euphoric feeling is similar to that.

You will find what you are doing seems more enjoyable.

Tasks become easier and time will fly by.

If you want to kill your anxiety, get focused, and accomplish more then Phenibut is for you.

Here is a list of the effects that I feel when on Phenibut:

To say the least I am very happy with Phenibut.

If you are someone who wants to get the most out of life, but feel Anxious Phenibut is a good choice.

Phenibut will allow you to kill your Anxiety while keeping your Mind sharp.


Circumstances That Phenibut Comes Handy

Phenibut has come in handy many times for me.

I am confident that it will come in handy with you as well.

Take A Look Where Phenibut Helps Me:

  • Going into Public Places With Large Groups Of People
  • Speaking In Front Of A Group Of People
  • Networking
  • Writing Articles (Makes My Mind More Alert)
  • Staying Focused When I Have Something That Is Due
  • Improves Sex (Oddly Makes Sex More Enjoyable)

These are only some of the circumstances, but you get the picture.

Phenibut is not a Magic Pill but it does help aid you in your day to day life.

How To Take Phenibut

The reason I do this is so that I do not build up a Tolerance.

Since Monday’s are my most productive days I will take up to 3 scoops within a 8 hour period.

In all honesty 2 scoops does me well and will last all day, but sometimes I like that extra kick from another scoop.

I will put 2 scoops in my mouth and then down it with some water.

(PRO TIP: It Tastes Disgusting When Doing It This Way So Prepare Yourself Olympian)

You will need to find what works best for you.

As with all Supplements you start with a basic dosage outline and then figure out what works best for you.

Here is how I want you to start Phenibut:

  1. Take 2 Scoops On an Empty Stomach
  2. Drink Plenty Of Water (I have found I get slightly nauseated if I don’t drink plenty of water while on Phenibut)
  3. Wait 2-3 Hours To See If You Feel Anything, If Not Take One More Scoop
  4. Enjoy

You can take up to 8 scoops in one day, but I have never taken that much as 2-3 scoops are perfect for me.

My friends over at Happy Hippo will give you a scoop with your bag of Phenibut so just use that when taking it.

I will generally eat a decent amount of food the night before so that I will not get hungry until later in the day.

When taking Phenibut I will usually eat lunch around 2:30 PM and then an hour later take 1 more scoop.

Last Thoughts On Phenibut

I am a fan of Nootropics that actually work.

If you want something that works great and is cheap then Phenibut is for you.

Phenibut is a go to supplement for people who want to Dominate.

Please for the love of Zeus don’t become a Xanax Zombie.


Dylan Madden

Pick Yourself Up Some Phenibut Right Now.

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I write articles for the person looking for more out of life. Who knows they can be better, but needs a little guidance and motivation. I work online while traveling the world. And live a life where I can do do whatever I want. If that interests you, welcome to Calm and Collected.

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  1. Hi I just bought phenibut, but don’t know when to take it? I would only like to take it a couple times a week because I am very sensitive to medications if possible. If it would stop my anxiety completely by taking it in the morning that would be great. I usually have anxiety attacks at night twice a week. Should I take it when I have anxiety attacks? I am prescribed colonopin. Will I be able to sleep? Thank you.

    • Hey Jennifer it depends on your situation. Are there certain days that these anxiety attacks happen? If so, take phenibut in the morning and evening (no more than a gram a day) on extra stressful days. Email me realdylanmadden@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @realdylanmadden with more info.

  2. I first tried Kratom because of your post comparing it to Adderall. Now I will take your word on Phenibut.

    You still use it right?

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