11 Mindset Tips from Andrew Tate | Adin Ross Live

Andrew Tate sat down with Adin Ross on Adin Live to talk about mindset, life, and success. Tate ended up taking over the show and turned it into a full on mindset seminar. Here are 11 mindset tips from Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate on Adin Live

Adin Ross is a popular streamer who’s popular for playing GTA and other games. He’s had notable guests from rappers to other names you’d recognize. I know almost nothing about him outside of I recognized his face.

What caught my attention is he had a friend and partner of mine named Andrew Tate on Adin Live. I never expected seeing Tate on a show like that so I tuned in for about 30 minutes. The whole stream is much longer, you can watch it below if you’d like.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Before we get started, let’s talk about who Andrew Tate is. He’s a 4x kickboxing world champion turned famous social media star and multi-millionaire. What makes him stand out is he was rich before ever building a name for himself online.

To make a long story short, he built himself up from nothing to where he is now without any handouts. That’s part of why his story has gone viral all around the internet over the past few months. Google him if you want to know more.

11 Mindset Tips from Andrew Tate

The Adin Live was over 2 hours long so there’s much more for you to take away. However, you’re a busy person like me so I’ve condensed them into 11 mindset tips you can get to acting on immediately.

Let’s get started.

1) It isn’t motivation, it’s dedication.

Motivation isn’t real. When you chase motivation, you’re chasing a fleeting ghost. Meaning, if you work based on motivation, you will remain stuck in a constant cycle of highs and lows. The answer is to dedicate yourself.

Dedicate yourself to hitting the gym and you will. Dedicate yourself to cultivating a skill that will help you quit your job. Stop relying on motivation to do anything. How you feel will only leave you a mere shadow of your true potential.

2) You must decide to not be comfortable.

Unlike anytime in the history of the world, you can live your life in absolute comfort. Where your ancestors would have to work in the fields, fight in the trenches, all to die at 30 over a cold. You on the other hand can live as a good house slave. Never suffering for what you want, always ordering food to your door, living in the Metaverse on video games, and getting a steady paycheck.

You have to decide that you want more.

Otherwise, you will live in a constant state of misery and comfort. You can live out your days with an average girlfriend, mindlessly consuming content, not hitting the gym so your body deteriorates. Nobody will try to stop you from this as it seen as normal in our current world.

Alternatively you can live in another version of reality. A reality where you have the best girl for you, you use social media to learn and network, and you hit the gym to mold your body.

You only have so many years on earth. You may as well make use them to enjoy your life and suffer for something more out of yourself. It all starts with deciding you are giving up comfort in exchange for a life of suffering and conquest.

3) Life is one big video game.

Adin Ross made his name by playing video games. Leveling up his character by getting more money, better weapons, faster cars, and high ranking scores. No hate on Adin at all. He’s built himself into a millionaire and turned his hobbdy into a business. I respect what he has built.

The point of the statement above is there are people in the real world who turn their life into one big video game. Getting stronger, driving fast cars, making more money, and live a life of adventure.

You’ve got the same option as well.

Are you gonna keep leveling up your Metaverse character, or are you gonna level up yourself?

4) Life is WAR, you have to fight to keep your place.

In today’s world we are comfortable. We’ve long forgotten that this life is player versus player. Countries fight each other over more resources and power. Individuals fight over having more money, a sexy wife, and aggressively build themselves day by day.

Sure, you were born with the life you have. Never forget you must fight to keep your place and more importantly, get more out of life.

Whether that is you learning how to save money instead of waste it. Or whether it is training in the gym so you become strong enough to defend your loved ones. Heck online business is war as well.

Everything in this world will require you to make a plan and act on it. Every body wants similar things. Those who get it are the winners. Those who do not, are the losers.

It’s your job to get serious and start playing to win.

5) Your Duty to God

From the moment you’re given life and become conscious, you gain the task of performing your duty to God. A “mindset tip from Andrew Tate” that stood out to me as I have viewed life this was for a while is that each thing you do should be performed as an act of duty.

You hit the gym as a duty to God as he wants you strong and healthy. You make money and work as an act of duty to God as a way to spread the light and take care of your loved ones.

Everything in your life is given a new purpose when you begin viewing it as a form of duty instead of just “another thing” you’ve gotta do.

6) You must fix your mind, resist the slave programming.

This world is designed to trap you. Since you were born the slave programming as Tate calls it as been programming you. They’ve brainwashed you into being less than you can be so you accept your lot in life.

It is on you to fix your mind. Tate calls this blinking to cure your mind. Essentially this is you identify what is happening to you, then you blink, and stop allowing it to have any control over you.

An example:

Social media is designed to keep you addicted. Every second you spend on their app helps them make more money from their advertisers. As a result, they’ve designed social media to keep you mindlessly scrolling.

If you want to test yourself, sit on Tiktok for a day. Watch your own mind. You’ll find yourself feeling off and hardly able to concentrate on anything. The only way to fix this is to blink and take back control. It’s a conscious decision.

Until you take control of your mind, you will remain a feather in the wind. Allowing your emotions to take you wherever they want. People will influence you and let me tell you, they don’t care about you as much as you think they do.

First: Accept you MUST control your mind.

Second: Accept to control your mind, you must control your own thoughts.

Third: Only then will you be able to finally begin changing your life.

7) There’s no competition.

A point Tate made that really hit home was how everyone is distracted and can’t focus anymore. You sit there with 10 different tabs open on your browser. While you’re in the elevator for 10 seconds, you can’t resist the urge to check your phone. Then while you’re in the middle of working out, you look at your phone about 100 times.

To stand out and crush your competition, you only need to learn how to focus. While your competition has the attention span of a goldfish, you can train your mind to focus for hours on end.

Meaning, you will focus on what needs to be done and be able to get more out of life than almost every person around you. For a man of focus, there is no competition.

8) It All Starts with the Man in the Mirror who Makes a Decision.

Every great moment in my life began when I looked at myself in the mirror. Deep into my eyes. Tired of what I was accepting in my life and made a decision. The same is true for you. It is time for you to go and speak with the man in the mirror. He’s been there waiting for you this entire time.

Get some balls and go make a deal with him.

9) Most people are empty vessels seeking validation from others.

Most people around you are empty vessels. They get their happiness, fulfillment, validation, and purpose from other people. This is a terrible way to go through life and if you find yourself feeling lost and empty, you’ve fallen into the validation trap.

To get up out of this trap, you need to begin the journey towards self validation. This starts with sticking to your word and making progress. Here are 10 Maxims that helped me get started back in 2017. They will serve you well.

10) Anything is Easy When You set Your Mind To it

Most of your problems in life are due to mental weakness. Your porn addiction, lack of progress in business, and toxic relationships are all because of you. Specifically the lack of boundaries, having no control over your thoughts, and living based on your emotions.

Luckily, you can break this cure by simply taking control of your thoughts. To show you how powerful and easy it is, decide you’ll do 200 push-ups. Get down on the ground and start doing them.

By 20 push-ups in, your mind will tell you to quit and give you about 5 other excuses. This is where most people quit. A mastermind on the other hand silences his mind by telling it what he excepts.

If doing the 200 push-ups gets hard, he takes a break and then gets back to it. Doing them little by little until they’re done.

This is a small yet powerful example of mental control. Keep this frame in mind when you get back into your life. Set an aim and refuse to allow your mind to deviate until it’s done. Control your thoughts and you will control your mind. Once you control your mind, you gain much more influence over your life.

11) Goal setting is only for motivation, discipline is the secret.

Goals are great when it comes to deciding what you want. As an example I made the goal of getting an apartment in Paraguay and living here. Now I’m living here and have setup an office for my team.

However, goals aren’t what you need. What you need is discipline. Goals will change ever few weeks. Discipline is there to stay every day. When you become disciplined, it doesn’t matter how tired you are, how you feel, or anything else. You simply do what you’re supposed to do. Your emotions have nothing to do with what you decide.

Which is a great way to end this article. You can learn 15 wealth creation methods from Andrew Tate and hand picked professors (I’m one of them) here inside of HU.

You’ve been given the tools of mind control, are you going to use these Mindset tips from Andrew Tate to change your life?

If yes, I’ve put together a free masterclass to get you to your first $10,000 month as a freelancer. Watch it below.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I agree with your overall perspective and your main message, but I go deeper into mindset and I understand how emotions are actually used. I have written comprehensive articles on the subject and have also made hundreds of videos on IG and TikTok, because it’s a passion of mine and am also building mindset coaching business. It’s a long journey, but I apply most of what you mention in this article to make it happen. Perhaps we could collaborate or even mastermind. Either way your efforts towards helping society is great.

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