How a 20 Year Old Joined The Real World and now Makes $8,500 a Month

In today’s world you can earn more than most college educated people. All you need is to be willing to put in the work and follow the process. Which is why today, I am bringing to you one of my students. He’s only 20 years old and already pulling in over $8,500 a month in profit from his busienss.

How a 20 Year Old Joined The Real World and now Makes $8,500 a Month

I love seeing my students prospering. Usually I just give you a screenshot, but I’m gonna start telling more about their stories in these emails.

As it’s inspiring AF.

Why’d you decide to get into Dylan Madden’s Freelancing Campus?

“I choose the Freelancing Campus because of the simplicity of it. Obviously Dylan makes it super simple and easy.

I run a remote local cleaning business. At the moment. I have 6 to 8 cleaners working for me.

Last month I had 52 bookings.

This month, we’re on track to almost double it.

You just follow his step by step plan then take action.

Seeing everyone making wins also is encouraging.”

What Did You Like About the Community inside of The Real World?

“You have tons of people to speak to daily. You can talk to Dylan and ask him anything. He’ll answer with a straightforward, direct answer, with what to do exactly.”

How Much Have You Earned By Applying Dylan Madden’s Methods?

“Last month, I was able to finish off the month at $16,200. I took home $8,500 in profit.

I’m already at around $13,000 this month and it’s looking like I’ll finish at $24,000 or $25,000.

What’s changed now is I can do whatever I want.

Whenever I want. I can travel.

I can make money not being tied down to a boss. I’m my own boss.”

How Old Are You? As some people use this as an excuse.

“I’m 20 years old.

My parents are very traditional.

Obviously they’re pushing school on me. However, I’m making more than them at the moment.

Which is opening their eyes.”

If you’re not inside yet? We are doing our daily live call (where you can speak to me) in 2 hours.

You can learn more about our program here.

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