Andrew Tate Life Lessons on Money and Mindset

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen Andrew Tate on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok by this point.

He’s 4x kickboxing world champion turned multi-millionaire. With an estimated net worth of $30 million (he’s worth much more). Andrew Tate owns over 27 supercars one of those being a Bugatti Chiron worth over $5,000,000.


To say he knows about money and mindset would be an understatement. He pulled himself from the Council Estates of Luton which is the ghetto for all of my American readers. To now owning several mansions and living the life most Instagram influencers only claim to live.

He’s built up a powerful men’s only network and continues to grow as he helps other men become richer, stronger, and more powerful.

Andrew Tate Life Lessons on Money and Mindset

1) Money is Like Water

Money is like water. It rains and flows in rivers and streams. It ends up in the ocean and evaporates again before raining somewhere else. Always moving. Stand in the right place at the right time – you get wet. Stand in the right place at the right time – you get rich.

You need to identify where it is moving and find a way to stand in the middle. Every single time you spend money is a chance to analyze and identify opportunities. MAKE THIS A HABIT. My brother and I do this constantly, which is why we have 11 different income streams.

Money isn’t made (unless you’re the FED), it’s convinced out of someone else’s pocket. You need to pay more attention to how that’s done. Every time you pay for ANYTHING.

Do this for long enough. And you’ll have MORE business ideas than you can handle. From here you optimize and plan, implement specifically – and become a multi-millionaire.

– Andrew Tate

2) You Must Blind with Brilliance

Most of you are dim lights Never on. Never off Flickering effort towards the absolutely necessary – never bright enough to blind with brilliance Most of you are at work thinking of resting that night, get home to rest and watch TV instead Semi half intentioned everything.

When I fight I fight and when I’m not fighting I don’t think about fighting so that when I do fight I can fight completely. When I work and when I’m not working… CONTROL YOUR MIND. Do you understand?

– Andrew Tate

3) Lone Wolves Starve

The lone wolf isn’t scary. The lone wolf isn’t powerful. The lone wolf can’t even properly defend itself or its territory. So why do you aspire to be one?

– Andrew Tate

4) Hard Work is the Ultimate Satisfaction

Derive happiness from your achievements, it lasts much longer and costs less e.g. gym gains. Dopamine BS. Booze. Cigarettes. Fast food etc. Is expensive and very temporary. Not to mention quick “happiness” is nearly always bad for you. Pay for satisfaction with hard work.

– Andrew Tate

5) It is Hard to Start, Easy to Keep Going

It’s hard to start the gym. Easy to KEEP going. Hard to make some money. Easy to turn it into MORE money. Fire is surprisingly difficult to start.  But once it’s raging, it spreads extremely easily.  Success is exactly the same.

– Andrew Tate

6) There Are 2 Versions of Yourself

Imagine the version of yourself which is uncompromising in his duty.  Imagine the physical and mental attributes of the you who doesn’t act on emotion, but based on a sense of doing the necessary.  Gym. Always.  Work. Always. What would that person think of you?

– Andrew Tate

7) Nothing Great Has Been Achieved Without a Plan

YOU NEED A PLAN. If me pointing out the obvious, reminding you of the parameters here in the REAL world, bothers you. You’ve been living in a dream. I consider it my duty to WAKE YOU UP – so I’m going to say it again. YOU WILL NEVER GET RICH WITHOUT A PLAN.

The idea that it’ll happen by accident, via luck, or simply being patient is a lie purported by those who want to KEEP you in SLAVERY. When was the last time you saw somebody with an amazing body, covered in muscles, say “I don’t know, it just happened on accident?” Never?

A diligent training and diet schedule was required for the results. It’s absolutely never an accident. And if you want to have the financial equivalent of an amazing body you’re going to need a PLAN. Now – the typical plan people say they have is basically a patience tactic

It’s a failed tactic and I would never recommend it. Because to get money, you have to give up the one thing more valuable than money. YOUR LIFE “I will save and put a deposit on a house and not live my life and save and save and when I’m 60 I will be worth a couple million”

Guess what’s better than being worth a couple of million at 60? Being broke at 30. You’ll never get your life back. EVER. You need to abandon this patient way of thinking. It’s exactly what slave masters want from you.

– Andrew Tate

8) Energy Absorption is Real

UNDERSTAND the ENERGY of people can be STOLEN from them. If you make somebody angry, so that they THINK about you. While you REFUSE to think of them back. They are converting calories into thoughts which have YOUR name on them. They are GIVING you power.

– Andrew Tate

9) Energy Cannot Be Destroyed

Energy cannot be destroyed. Only converted. Changed. You feel despair? Your mind can’t rest? You can’t sleep? YOU POSSESS UNLIMITED POWER. You’re lucky. Despair has BLESSED YOU. How do you use it? Self-destruction or world conquest? Only contentment kill

– Andrew Tate

10) There is Nothing Fake About Belief

There is nothing “fake” about belief. You have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up with what you already know. You have to see through time, act accordingly, and prepare a “told you so” that eternally upsets doubters.

– Andrew Tate

11) Mindless Action Leads to Slavery

Absolutely every single one of my actions is intentional. Divine purpose. Your day is full of mindless action, you act without thought, this is how they train you for slavery. I can not be led blindly.

– Andrew Tate

12) A Ghost only Has Power if You Give it

A ghost cannot haunt you if you don’t believe in ghosts. You’d simply walk around your “haunted” house like a champion. Ignoring the knocks in the night. Attributing them to wind. Who cares. It’s only the believers who suffer fear. Belief gives power.

– Andrew Tate

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  1. I’m nobody. I have nothing I actually own, I have ideas and thoughts but they are all for naught. I believe in the power of belief and I’ve always believed in my destiny. But not one chosen by a greater power but the one I believe in wholeheartedly without a falter or comprise. What I lack isn’t believe it’s confidence and the ability to conquer all intrusive and negative thoughts and say you have no hold over me. I’ve never seen myself as one who would want to be like another because I am unique. But complacency has made my ambition subside temporarily. Nothing can stop me but myself; Thus with this comment I am seeking mentorship not any type of mentorship, one that will reprogram my mindset I have desire strong desire to be who I am. I seek guidance not help. For the ones who read this thank you for lending me your leisure time. Money doesn’t stop for any man nor will it flow for just any man.

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