You may have seen an Ad on Facebook about some Nootropic claiming to be used by Billionaires. While this may be true, I have personally used it with great benefits. Continue reading to find out how you can Optimize your mind with Optimind.

What Exactly Is Optimind?


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The above ingredients are just 3 of the 12 items you will find in the Optimind Formula.

Here is the full list of ingredients that are in each Optimind pill:

  • Gaba- Relaxes Brain And Causes You To Have A Steady Balanced Energy Supply
  • Phosphatidylserine- Essential For Improving Memory And Your Attention 
  • Vitamin D- Improved Your Mood And Cognitive Performance 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- Protects Your Brain From Free Radicals And Increases Energy Levels Within 3 Days
  • Caffeine- Increases Alertness And Will Leave Your Tiredness In The Dirt
  • Huperzine A- Helps Increase Your Ability To Grasp New Skills Faster
  • Tyrosine- Fights Fatigue And Stress
  • Taurine- Increases Your Overall Performance
  • Vitamin B-12- Breaks Down Carbs For Energy Which Will Help With Minor Weight-Loss
  • Sulbutiamine- Easily Passes The Blood-Brain-Barrier And Increases Your Mental Performance 
  • Vinpocetine- Increases Blood Flow To The Brain Which Helps In More Than Just Mental Performance
  • Bacopa monnieri- Known As The Herb Of Grace, It Has Anit-Anxiety And Depression Properties 

For lack of a better word Optimind is a Nootropic on Steroids.

Not only do you get the laser focus that you require, but you also get that feeling of being unstoppable.

When taking Optimind it is hard to feel depressed due to the ingredients and the fact that you will be busy tackling your goals.

You will notice your brain feels much clearer within the first few hours of taking two capsules.

While Optimind is not a Magic Pill, it is for sure a great tool to use when you are trying to take your life to the next level.

Something else that you should know is that there are little to no side-effects.

Most people take 2 a day, but on days where I require 12 hours of constant focus I will take up to 8.

So far I have not felt sick or got a headache from that large of a dose.

My Story With Optimind

optimind review

I found out about their Free Trial and their claims caught my interest.

After reading into what exactly Optimind was I made the decision to go ahead and start the Trial as I wouldn’t lose anything.

When I first took Optimind I felt a noticeable clearness of mind and a very subtle energy increase.

To be quite honest I thought that it would be several days before I would be able to tell a difference.

Before I knew it my Trial was up so I purchased Two Bottles so that I could really get a feel for what Optimind offered.

It was at this point when I started to feel the full effect Optimind had.

From the increased focus that I had to the mental clearness that allowed me to take care of what I needed too, I was very impressed.

To make a long story short I have made a second order and look forward to the continued productivity.

How You Will Accomplish More With Optimind

As you know my favorite coffee is Red Coffee, but sometimes you need more than just coffee.

Sometimes you need something that can help with more than just alertness.

You don’t have time to Google 20 different supplements that may or may not offer you what you need.

You are a person of action and so you need to make quick decisions.

That is where Optimind steps in.

Not only have they created a great supplement that offers you what you need to accomplish more, but they have the research to back it up.

You will not only accomplish more, but you will notice that you feel great all day.

After your first few doses you will find that goals are being accomplished faster as you aren’t wasting time on pointless things.

The following are things that I noticed while taking it and you will as well:

  • Overall Better Mood
  • Increased Focus
  • Longer Attention Span
  • Short-Term Memory Will Be Slightly Better
  • A Calm And Controlled Feeling
  • Clear Mind

Now as you know whenever I write a review I strive to only give you the facts.

There are some other things that you need to know before you try out Optimind.

Things To Consider Before Using Optimind

While Optimind is a a great Nootropic for anyone who wants more out of life, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

As I mentioned this is no Magic Pill.

You will not accomplish more or notice the increased focus if you don’t actually do anything.

If you take it and then watch TV chances are that you will hardly notice anything outside of the clear mind.

This is only a tool that can enhance your life.

I am against this being used by some loser who wants the easy way out.

You will simply waste your time and money if you buy this with the desire to INSTANTLY be successful.

How To Benefit More From Optimind

In life it takes more than just a few things to make you successful.

I have created a checklist that will enhance your life.

Another good thing is that when you combine it with Optimind you will notice even more benefits.

Follow the things in the checklist below and you will notice an increase in your quality of life.


I can guarantee that if you apply the above checklist to your life that your quality of life will go through the roof.

If you add Optimind into the equation well that is a potent mix.

Getting Optimind Is Easy

optimind review

So now you know how awesome Optimind is.

It is time for you to make your decision.

There are several options for you to choose from.

You can try the Free Trial or you can go ahead and buy your first order.

(I Highly Recommend That You Try The FREE TRIAL First)

The price for a single 32 counts Bottle of Optimind is $43.31.

I personally go with the Double Bottle order as you save some money and because I know I will be placing another order.


For any of you who are interested in knowing more about Optimind feel free to email me or leave a comment.

This is a great natural Nootropic that actually works.

Just so that you know I will receive a commission if you start the Free Trial, but it will not cost you anything.

When you order your Free Trial you will notice that they will withdraw $1 from your account and then reverse the charge.

Optimind does this to make sure you are not trying to cheat the system.

Something else to keep in mind is that you can recieve $10 for every person you refer.

So go ahead and start your Free Trial and then write or record a review so that you can start getting paid for your words.


Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Knew about Optimind before this article but I have to agree with what you say. I work in a sales position and Optimind really helps give me that extra edge.

    Combine this with Kratom = KICK ASS!

  2. Hi Dylan,
    I’ve been looking at Nootropics to help focus and concentrate when I work on my site.
    Sometimes I sit down to do a solid 3-4 hours work but find myself wasting some time screwing around on the internet.
    I ALWAYS get a fair bit of work done but I believe I could achieve a lot more – this looks like a good product to help me out, does it help you eliminate distractions?
    The other point is it’s pretty late when I get to work (9-11pm) so I am a bit tired.
    I still have a day job at this stage!
    If it’ll help with this then I’ll definitely give it a shot
    – Luke

  3. I understand that taking the product and then sitting on the couch and binge watching Netflix won’t yield anything. But you didn’t list any downsides to the product and it’s use; not one. Does the body develop a tolerance to the product as it does with most other nootropics? How quickly? What is the best cycle schedule for it? You didn’t experience one single side-effect to it? Not one?
    I can certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for the product and it’s desired effects; I’m just looking for a little more depth in the review for information to make a better decision to use it or not.
    I do like your blog, keep up the good work.

    • I haven’t experienced any negative side-effects and I have been taking it for two months.

      Tolerance wise I haven’t built one yet. But to prevent building a tolerance take the weekend off (unless that is when you are most productive).

      I will take what you said into consideration in future reviews.

      Happy New Year.

  4. Hey Dylan!

    Thank you for the review of our product and sharing your experience with others. It means so much to us when someone relates their story to the world. No matter how much we love OptiMind and RestUp, testimonials from real customers are the best! Thank you again for the shout out and I hope you continue to find success with OptiMind for all of your endeavors. 🙂

    Customer Care Director
    AlternaScript, LLC – The Makers of OptiMind and RestUp!

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