This article is going to go deep on the subject of Evolving into your True Self. Let’s get in your face and personal. If you can handle it, continue reading.

In a recent article you and I spoke about Reinventing yourself. Reinventing yourself can do wonders for your life.

You don’t have to stay the person you are.

If you are weak you can become strong.

If you are poor you can become rich.

If you are still a mortal you can become an Olympian.

The list goes on, but you have to choose the direction.

Take a mental note of this, “You will also find that this “new” version of yourself is really the person you want to be coming out”.

Okay enough about Reinventing yourself. How can you Evolve into your “True Self”?

Who, What, Where Is Your True Self?

To be brief here are the answers to each:

  • Who? You
  • What? You
  • Where? Within Yourself

Stop over-complicating it and making it harder than it really is. You are your True Self, BUT you can Evolve into something much better.

Life is all about progression and you are the person who decides where your life goes.

Until you realize that you are already your “True Self”, you will never be able to Evolve. To Evolve you must push and push. Evolution will leave you bloody and sore, but you will be stronger than before.

You’re A Special Little Snowflake…

While I hate to say it, but you are actually a special little Snowflake. Not in the sense that you think I mean, but in a much deeper way.

You are unique in what you can offer the world based on your experiences. Nobody else can live the life that you do. The ups and the downs are all experienced by you and only you.

Of course there are people who will be there, but they don’t see it through your eyes.

Since you are a special little Snowflake that means that you can change your world. You have a Mind, Body, and Spirit that is pulsating with Energy.

By using that Energy, you can shift your life and over time Evolve.

Pain, Time, And Expansion

As you go about your life, you see many things. It is easy to settle and build a cage around yourself.

How do I know?

Because I built a cage around myself and had to break out.

But I didn’t break out without any scratches. Instead I had to bleed and then bleed some more. Growth hurts and makes you bleed.

That is why it is called growth. Just like when you were a kid, you experienced growing pains as you grew.

Evolution takes 3 main ingredients:

  1. Pain
  2. Time
  3. Expansion

Those 3 main ingredients are what allow you to become stronger and better.

Pain makes you bleed and suffer. You might even lose who you thought you were. That is normal and is simply a part of becoming an Olympian.

Number two is time. It takes time to heal and it takes time to Evolve. You didn’t learn how to walk in one day. Just like it took you time to get better at whatever you took interest in. For example you didn’t just all of a sudden become great at Call of Duty. It took trial and error.

Finally the third main ingredient is expansion. At this point you finally have made it through the pain and have allowed time to pass. You have grown and now expanded past who you were before.

It’s About The Journey And Not Finally “Making It”

Now you have an understanding of the 3 main ingredients of Evolution. With those 3 ingredients you will be able to navigate through everything. You’ve heard time makes everything better, it really does.

Something else you need to learn is that it’s all about the journey. Not the hippie stuff, but real life. The journey is what you are really after. You will never “Make It”.

You will reach points where you have achieved a large number of things, but you’ll never “Make It”.

Stop chasing results.

Stop going after temporary things.

Instead commit to the journey and be prepared to always push through the limits.

This life is too short to get hung up on temporary things.

If you’re an Olympian, you are committed to the long-term.

Am I saying stop seeking results?


Results are like a check-list for you to see if you’re really Evolving. What I’m saying is to stop chasing results as the “Big Moment”.

In your life you will get many results. Some good and some bad. It doesn’t really matter in the end. What really matters is the journey and what you became in the process.

No Limits For The Olympian

As an Olympian you accept no limits. Nothing can stop you from what you set out to achieve.

Becoming your best Truest Self requires no limits. This world pushes limitations on everybody. Labels are thrown around. People are Silenced.

That is what Way of The Olympian is at war with. You come here and receive solutions and inspiration. Here anything is possible. You can have anything you want if you Take Action and Believe You Can.

When you feel down just take a step back and really think about how far you have come.

Remember those moments where you felt like you couldn’t pull through?

Remember those moments you thought that your life was over?

Of course you do. You pulled through and conquered each of them.

Stop allowing the outside world to dictate who and what you are. External things only have power when you give it to them. Outside of that you are in 100% control.

Turning The Page

You and you alone can turn the page of your life. If you like where you are now, keep living that way. But if you want more and want to Evolve, then do it.


Do it now and don’t look back! Right now is the time where you have power. Today can be the day that you finally turn the page and Evolve.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: Don’t Know Where To Start? Here’s The Solution.


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  1. Spot on. It’s about the journey and not the destination. Wish I would’ve understood that at 27.

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