I was given access to The Harem Handbook before it was released. I’m not into PUA related content, but I reviewed Kyles course. Continue reading to see my unbiased review.

My Story

I’m not the kind of guy that goes out and fucks tons of girls. To me it is too easy. I like a challenge.

For me I prefer Good Girls.

With the right charm, look, and ability to talk to Girls you can have plenty of girls to fuck. I prefer to build long-term relationships because it is much more time efficient.

When having a long-term relationship you have a constant supply of sex and support which allows you to focus on what you want (Not Many Guys Can Do This).

But sadly most men lack the confidence to be able to get a Good Girl and can’t even get the Party type of girls.

The thing I don’t like about PUA is that these “Gurus” market course after course with “Techniques” and other “Hacks”.

Due to the bad state that men are in today, tons of desperate guys end up wasting thousands of dollars on their products and meetups.

You are probably wondering why I would even review The Harem Handbook since I don’t like PUA right?

The Harem Handbook Review…

I reviewed The Harem Handbook for two reasons:

  1. I respect Kyle and know he isn’t a scumbag like most online people
  2. He only has several products which means he isn’t chasing money

I’ve read several articles on Kyle’s site in the past and can see he has a passion for what he does.

Kyle is a young guy that is imposing his will on reality instead of allowing society to lock him down.

That makes me relate to him as I am in the same boat.

Also, Kyle doesn’t do product launches every 3 months which means he is putting out value.

Instead of seeking to get every last dollar, Kyle puts out a product that offers a Solution.

Too many other online guys try to sell tons of books and courses by putting out something new all of the time.

Anyone who is able to release products slowly is most likely in the game to help you.

If Kyle were just another Pick-up guy I would have refused his offer.

But he is a good guy that gets results.

Where Kyle Got Me

When I first signed into The Harem Handbooks course Dashboard I was impressed. No offence to him, but I was expecting a very basic course. Maybe a few PDF’s and videos.

But I was wrong!

His course was beautifully designed.

The Harem Handbook has many videos, recordings, and written content.

He also has interactive content as well that allows you to download certain PDF’s.

Here is an  overlay of the Dashboard:

the harem handbook review

As I progressed through each Module I was hooked even more.

I saw someone that not only had passion for what they were talking about, but also put a lot of effort into creating a Solution for guys.

I ended up finishing up my work for the day and spent the rest of my time going through each Module.

What Did I Learn?

Even though I consider myself effective in the “Game” department I have to say I learned quite a bit from The Harem Handbook.

Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • The Importance of Being Your Best
  • Strategies For Managing Your Girl or Girls
  • Day/Night/Online Game
  • Managing Your Mental State
  • How To Balance Sex, Business, And Other Interests
  • Tips To Give Girls Multiple Orgasms

I took other notes, but those are some of the best things I learned.

Something Kyle also talked about was how the Game never ends.

Being someone that is more of a long-term guy I can agree with this 100%.

I was with a girl for 2 and half years.

For all of that time I kept my Frame.

Due to a big transition in my life I slipped up for less than a month.

Guess what?

We ended up separating.

Luckily it was a mutual thing, but still it happened that fast.

Something that you will learn from this book is to always be Dominate.

He talks about something called “The Rule of 3” and it can be a big help for anyone looking for girls.


Who Is The Harem Handbook For?

Unlike most courses of this nature, this book applies to every man.

This book applies to these categories of men:

  • Want New Girls Every Week
  • Want A Harem of Women That Provide Endless Sex
  • One Girl Who Looks To You For Everything

That is something that really stands out about The Harem Handbook

It really is a book dedicated to showing a man how to Dominate and get what he wants.

Of course its primary focus is on having endless girls and giving them mind-blowing orgasms.

But still you will walk away a better and more Dominate man with this course.

Getting The Harem Handbook

The Harem Handbook might be pricey for some, but it is a good buy.

If you Take Action now you can save money on buying this course.

For the next 72 hours it will be $147.

After that it will go to its retail price of $197.

If you are wanting to enjoy a better relationship with women and overall be more Dominate, I recommend you buy the course now.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: If You Still Want To Buy The Course Click This

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