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Good morning guys this is your friend in success Dylan Madden. Today’s post is about “The Cold Hard Truth About Why You’re A Loser”.

In today’s world with so many different influences and political correctness there are so many confused men and even women. People are scared to say what they really mean and try to take on different roles because that’s what everyone else does.

I look around and see men acting girly and being scared to get dirty. You will also see the man that sits around all day on the couch playing video games and sleeping 12 hours a day while just wasting his life away.

There are men who work 50 hours a week doing a job they hate, but yet have this business idea that would make them a fortune. Do you see a problem here because I do.

All I can say is get up off your lazy ass! You sit around complaining about why you can’t do this or can’t do that, but then go and spend 6 hours on a game.

I want you to go and look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself why you continue to do the bullshit that you do.

Now if you feel disgusted with yourself that’s okay because you should. You’re a loser that doesn’t do anything with your life. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!


Who got you to this point?

CORRECT. Yes it was you so by common sense you can get yourself out of it.

My next question is what the fuck are you waiting for? Stop being your own limitation instead become an Olympian and go out there and create the life that you want.

I know my words are harsh, but it’s what you need. I know for me personally it took me seeing that I had all of this potential, but was nothing but a fat loser. I made the decision to stop being a bitch and go out there and be the man that I wanted to be.

This is your friend in success,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I got a grind, won’t stop, hustle won’t quit
    Shine like no other, I be on some other shit
    I got high price lifestyle, super bad bitch
    If I want it, bet I got it
    If I don’t bet all I gotta do is
    Go, get it, stay up out my business
    Ball ’til I fall, flossin’ til I’m finished
    I just go, get It, stay up out my business
    I’m living just to kill it, stacking millions to the ceiling.

  2. Dylan,
    Your sight is awesome man. I enjoyed this article too because it really reminded me of my past as a younger man. I would spend all my time playing fucking xbox instead of lifting weights, talking to girls, and pursuing my business dreams. I still tend to procrastinate every now and then but I am getting better.

    • Hey Chase glad you enjoyed the article. It is never to late to start. Go out there and get what you want. I have an eBook in the works make sure you subscribe so that you can get your copy. I will be sending out the first 50-100 for free.

  3. Constant progress in life can elevate you from being a loser to becoming a Winner! All it takes is deciding for yourself to do it! But to change ones life for the better a man needs to get his hands dirty! To do the “Grunt” work and build a successful foundation and continue to build your bright future as high as you can!

    Now a days its so easy to be Loser since everything is done for you! Hell I even know men who cannot change a flat tire and would much rather wait 2 to 3 hours for a tow truck to show up! Wasted day! For me I have no problem with getting dirty or jumping in with a shirt and tie and giving a hand to the man that needs it.

    Nothing in life comes easy believe me I know being in the world for many years everything I have has been gotten by not sitting around and waiting! You know there is a reason why they say “God helps those who help themselves” Life is purposely hard for everyone because if it were easy you will most likely not feel like you earned the prize whatever that may be!

    Stop being a loser! Take a shower, cut your hair and change into some clean clothes and start a change of your life today! You owe it yourself and no one else!
    great post Dylan

    • Great comment. I agree it is very easy for young men coming up today to be loser’s because of all that is provided. The good thing about others beings naturally losers is that it gives us and advantage over them. As you said, “Stop being a loser! Take a shower, cut your hair and change into some clean clothes and start a change of your life today! You owe it yourself and no one else!”

      Your friend,

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