How To Prevent Attacks Such As The Charleston Shooting

In memory of those who lost their lives on June 17, 2015.

In memory of those who lost their lives on June 17, 2015.

Have you ever wondered why such horrendous acts of violence happen such as the Charleston Shooting? How can we prevent such events as the Charleston Shooting, Baltimore Riots, and Boston Bombings?

Let me begin by giving you a personal story from my life.

In today’s world we are not new to turning on our TV and hearing about shootings, bombings, or the latest war. It seems like the world just keeps getting worse and worse with no end in sight.

You probably are getting sick and tired of such events happening. You might even know someone who has been affected by all of the violence.

I have a cousin that served in the Marine Corps during the Iraq War. He served two tours of duty. On his last tour he was going down the road when he saw a group of men with AK-47’s shouting at a women and child. He proceeded to pull over and approach the group with his platoon.

As they got closer the men ran off into the tree-line. His platoon approached the woman and child to make sure they were fine and to offer a ride to wherever they were going.

The woman reached into her purse and revealed a detonator and yelled out something. My cousin and the platoon ran to cover as she detonated a bomb that was strapped to her own body.

What were the results?

15 men were wounded and 2 died

As for my cousin he lost 2 of his friends and was one of the wounded.

He now walks with a cane and is only 29 years old. Another thing he took from that attack was a disorder known as PTSD.

When he arrived home he would have many sleepless nights. Other times he would awake screaming from nightmares of that terrible day.

For 5 years his daily life was hell. Luckily his wife stuck with him. After hundreds of hours worth of therapy he was finally able to come back to reality.

Currently he now has a semi-normal life other than occasional anxiety attacks. His wife gave him 3 healthy kids and he now enjoys a well-paying job.

Why did I tell you that story?

I wanted to show you how war and violence in general leaves lives destroyed and is in the end pointless.

What about all of the acts of violence that occur within the US towards its own population? 

Let us move on to some common causes for violence. I have broken down to 4 sections that I think are the most important. 

Here they are:

  • Drugged out people
  • Men are brought up in a society that looks down on certain masculine behavior
  • Lack of proper father figures
  • Constant bombardment with acts of violence from Entertainment and the Media

Drugged out people: 

In today’s society people take medicine for everything.

Do you suffer from lack of sleep? That’s fine take this pill.

Do you want to lose weight? Take this pill.

Do you have low energy? Take this pill.

Do you not feel motivated? Take this pill

I think you get the point.

Most people do not have the ability to think for themselves and lack critical thinking. The result is a society that is constantly looking for a Magic Pill that will solve all of their problems.

For every logical person we know that there is no such Magic Pill. Yes there are tools that we can utilize to help us have an edge, but when it comes down to it you just need 3 things:

  • Your brain
  • Your body
  • Effort

If you placed me on some deserted island with no tools I could use those 3 things alone to survive.


Because I can think for myself and can use critical thinking.

It is my belief that if we start looking for more natural ways to cure things instead of popping some pill that we could cut down on 30% of the crazy people out there.

(Do you need more energy? Here is a natural way to kick Adderall to the side and take your life back.)

Men are brought up in a society that looks down on Masculine Behavior:

In today’s society males natural behaviors are looked down upon. As a matter of fact there are many laws that are Anti-Male.

If you are a male with a lot of energy they will just give you a pill to calm you down. 

If a girl hits you she will just be asked to stop. As a male if you hit a girl out of defense then you will be shunned and if old enough will be charged with assault. ( I do not support domestic violence in any manner. This statement is to show how unfair certain ways society handles things.)

Men today are told that their natural ways of acting are bad and not Feminist enough. Men today are taught that they should put a woman’s happiness before their own even if the woman openly shows no respect to them.

In short because of many of the Feminist agenda’s Men are increasingly becoming weaker and dumber by the day. They no longer believe in themselves and even question their every action.

I recommend building men to be men not women. Allow men to be men and women to be women. We are different than each other. People today are trying to switch roles which is causing women to act crazy and men to act in most cases as low lives, and in extreme cases act out with violence.

Lack of a proper Father figure:

This could probably go in the above area, but I would like to give this its own section. In today’s world most families are one of the following if not all:

  1. No father figure-Father left the family never to return or in other cases died
  2. Weak father figure- Alcoholic/Druggy, Hasn’t achieved anything, Beta, or a loser

I’m not affiliated with probably 99% of the Manosphere or even the Red Pill sites, but as I am a man I do write primarily for men.

Does that mean that I’m anti-women?


There will actually start to be posts written by a woman for women on here soon. This site is for all who wish to be better than they were yesterday and that want to take life by the horns.

Getting back on point.

Most families today end in divorce. Which results in lives being torn apart and kids growing up without a  strong foundation.

It is my firm belief that it all starts with the parents. You can use the recent Charleston Shooting as an example. The punk who shot up the church had a bad upbringing with his parents.

I have a feeling that he was probably abused at some point and that one of his parents were probably racist which implanted those ideas into his head. I’m not saying that his parents thought he should shoot up a group of blacks, but I’ve created a formula that led to the Charleston Shooting.

Racism + Abuse/Bad Upbringing + Other factors such as medication = Acts of violence such as the Charleston Shooting

Although that is a very basic formula I believe that all of those factors led to the violent acts that occurred in Charleston. I also believe that a good portion of those factors have led to other acts of violence that have happened throughout the country as well as the world.

In our current family climate you have men who don’t know how to be men and then women who look down on being motherly. Women seek to be “empowered women” who are independent from the women of old. Men seek to not step on anyone’s toes and take the easy route in life. Most of the time these type of men settle with a below average woman which leads to a life of unfulfillment and either a bad upbringing for the child(ren) or divorce.

As a man what can you do to help in this area?

Go out and create something. Learn how to build income producing assets. Build your body to whatever level of perfection you desire. Travel the world and immerse yourself in other cultures. Don’t settle with life as it is.

Please for the love of Mount Olympus don’t get married at the age of 18-25 as a man. In a man’s early 20’s he should be focused on building a life for himself, learning about himself, and getting everything in order. After 25 if you would like to get married you should be in a better position to take on a wife if you desire.

Do  not sell yourself short in this life friend. This is all that we have for we do not know exactly what waits for us on the other side.

As a man you carry great responsibility. There are key differences in a non-married man and a married man so I will lay them out for you.

Non-Married Man-

  • He should be focused on the unfoldment of his desires
  • Travel the world until he finds a place in which he wants to reside
  • Become financially independent by setting up income streams via businesses
  • Surround himself with the people that he wants
  • Develop himself physically, mentally, and spiritually as much as possible
  • He must see that he is sexually fulfilled.

Married Man-

  • He should be focused on the unfoldment of his desires
  • Travel the world until he finds a place in which he and his family can reside
  • Become financially independent by setting up income streams via businesses
  • Provide a good lifestyle for his wife and children
  • Surround himself with the people that he wants
  • Develop himself physically, mentally, and spiritually as much as possible
  • If he has a son it is his job to teach his son how to be a man. Just as if he has a daughter it is the wife’s job to show her how to be a woman.
  • He must protect his family at all costs
  • He must fulfill his wife sexually and she must fulfill him

( I’m probably going to go into greater detail on the subject of men and women in another post because I could go on for hours.)

What I want you to take from this section is that it all starts with the parents. While the section title singles out Fathers it falls back on parents in general. 

For all of the parents out there do your part and raise your child right. By raising your child right we can help prevent monsters from acting out in violence such as we have seen with the Charleston Shooting, Boston Bombing, and Columbine.

Constant bombardment with acts of violence from Entertainment and the Media:

What do you see when you turn on the news?

News Coverage of the Charleston Shooting

News Coverage of the Charleston Shooting

Probably something like the above picture. It seems like every time we turn around there is a shooting or other acts of violence going on around us.

We can’t even escape the violence when tune into our favorite Rap artist or Rock artist. 

I recently bought ASAP Rocky’s new album. 


As I was listening to his album I heard some lyrics that went as follows:

“Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye stepped up in this piece
Bust my Glock to ensure that all you niggas rest in peace
Uh, Schwarzenegger I, straight slaughter niggas
I’m offin niggas, screaming off with niggas heads
They all surrender, better call for niggas
Come at all you niggas heads, talk em off a ledge”

Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand that Rap is aggressive and that when it originally came out a lot of the artists came from harsh environments. I am guilty of listening to Rap on a regular basis. 

Does that make me bad?


But what of the young children and mentally unstable people who listen to violent lyrics? 

Most children haven’t developed enough to comprehend certain lyrics and don’t know that it is wrong to act out what they hear. If you take a mentally unstable person there is no telling what they will do when they hear lyrics that speak of shooting people.


Take the band known as Slayer which is well-known for its violent lyrics.


I’m not a fan of there’s, but remember hearing a song some time ago that had the following lyrics:

“Spill your blood, let it run on to me
Take my hand and let go of your life
Close your eyes and see what is me
Raise the chalice, embrace for evermore.”

To a mentally unstable person I can’t even imagine what thoughts those lyrics would conjure in their mind. 

It is my firm belief that by us being constantly bombarded with acts of violence it not only desensitizes us to violence, but it also influences children and mentally unstable people in a negative way.

Obviously to a normal person we know right from wrong and would never act out in such violent ways. We can listen to violent lyrics, play violent video games, and yet still carry on a normal life without being negatively influenced by such things. 

I know this is a much darker post than what you would usually find on Calm and Collected, but I really want you to take to heart what I have said. 

As many of you know the city I have called home for over a decade now is Charleston. When I heard of the violent acts that took place in the recent Charleston Shooting I felt moved to write a post directed towards it.

While I will not write about similar subjects like this often I want you to do your part and stop things such as the Charleston Shooting from happening. 

Charleston is a great city and the people here are a unified people. It is unlike what I have seen in other areas. When things get tough they pull together as one. 

People from all races came together and did a march across the Ravenel Bridge as a sign of Unity. I was very impressed and glad that instead of more acts of violence against other races we all came together.

Check out a picture from the Unity March:

People coming together for one cause.

People coming together for one cause.

Until next time Go and Dominate.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I didn’t know you were from Charleston – I’m glad you took the time to write your thoughts. It’s easy to feel detached when you are an ocean away. And even more, I try and avoid reading about tragedies like this as it is so upsetting. But this is a worthy piece, a call for understanding and coming together instead of further unrest.

    I think you hit the nail on the head that the accumulated effects of all the violence inflicted on us by society is simply reflecting back again in awful tragedies like this one. Just another reason to be good to people, to contribute, and to create.

  2. This kind of thing is happening a lot lately. I think it’s also related to white not having many kids, downgrading to minority status. Well, you can read what the guy wrote up to see where he was at. Funny thing is an old friend of his who was half black said he used to be the nicest guy.

    I think lack of fathers is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, this can’t be done through the lens of the feminist dogma. A lot of kids, both black and white, male and female, would turn out a lot better if their fathers were properly allowed to be a part of their lives. Now we’re at a point that fathers think it’s acceptable to not be there for their kids. My own was always more concerned with himself and not being outdone than he was with allowing me to reach my potential. As a result, I made plenty of bad choices and went through a lot of suffering.

    Coincidentally, this kind of thing doesn’t happen nearly as much in cultures where the parents fully support their kids(a realistic response to the competitive world we now live in). I think degeneracy can be measured by how much fathers get involved in their kids lives.

    • My father was a good man but I never had much of a relationship with him. For my father it was just always work and provide which are two good things. It would’ve been good for him to show me how to be a full man, but I learned how to on my own. I do not blame him for I became my own man.

      I believe that we need to start replacing Feminist dogma and political correctness with common sense and values. It is up to all of us to bring about change.

      Thanks for the great comment.

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