Yesterday I published a Video Review on YouTube. Watch it here and learn about Good Looking Loser.


Get Involved And Find Out More About Chris Here:

Find Chris On YouTube:

  • Good Looking Loser– This Channel Has Tons Of Content On Getting Girls, Getting Enhanced, And Confidence.
  • Get A Life– This Is My Favorite Channel Of His. Learn about Skin Care, Success, And Much More.

Businesses Chris Owns:

Put In The Work And You Can Live How You Want

I hope you enjoyed this video.

Chris is someone who I look up too.

Chris is a shining example of what can happen if you put in the work.

You can live the life that you want.

You can make a living outside of a 9-5.

You can have beautiful women.

All that is required is you must earn it.

Good Looking Loser Forum

good looking loser

The Good Looking Loser Forum is a place where you can learn a lot from people with real experience.

There are thousands of threads on everything from making money online to getting laid.

Something that makes me like the Good Looking Loser Forum is that it isn’t full of fake people.

Chris and the leaders of the forum are people who have actually lived what they speak about.

If you get advice on Good Looking Loser you can rest assured that you are getting legit advice.

Instead of searching through endless forums just go and get involved with the Good Looking Loser Forum.

Get A Life

good looking loser

Get A Life is my personal favorite.

It has a milder tone compared to Good Looking Loser.

On Get A Life the main focus is on Success, Making Money, and Taking Advantage Of Your 20’s.

Get A Life shows the wisdom and knowledge that come from living a life worth talking about.

I highly recommend this site for anyone that is 16+.

He offers information that if I would have read 2 years ago would have helped a lot.

Check out some of my favorite articles from Chris on Get A Life:

Closing Words

Chris is a great guy and seems to be very down to earth. That’s something that you don’t find nowadays.


Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Good looking website Dylan,

    Its been a while. I will be checking out Keep on rocking my friend.


  2. Interesting experiment Dylan.
    Never thought a website review would be entertaining to watch, as logic would dictate it would be easier to experience the website yourself.

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