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Most books nowadays are garbage so inside of Approved Books you will find a list of books I personally endorse.

Think and Go Hustle
Think and Go Hustle

Read: November 2018

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Think and Go Hustle

by Dylan Madden

Life is a game. How would you like to make the rules?

Think and Go Hustle is your tool to build not only yourself but a game where you’re the main character. It’s time for you to flip the script and take charge of your life.

For the first time ever you will be introduced to a book that acts a video-game. During your journey, you will build your character, create a script, and learn actionable strategies.

What separates Think and Go Hustle from other books is two-fold:

  1. Dylan tells his personal story and how it relates to what you’re about to learn.
  2. While following along with the book you will bring your dreams to reality.

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