7 Life Lessons from Tristan Tate

In this world your success is built on finding people who’ve built themselves into a success and emulating their thought process. Success leaves clues. So today, we are covering 7 life lessons from Tristan Tate.

In the days of old, you were born into a certain class. It was near impossible for you to change your life. If you were born a farmer, you’d spend your life working as one and so would your future children. However, with the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution this all changed.

Some of my most successful students started with a $250 laptop in some 3rd world country. All they had was the internet and their desire for a better life. From that, they worked hard and applied the methods I showed them. Not surprisingly they found success.

Which leads us to the multi-millionaire Tristan Tate. He started in a council estate called Luton. It’s the equivalent of a Ghetto as we call it in the USA. From there, him and his brother built a fortune in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Let’s talk about some of the lessons I’ve learned from Tristan Tate after knowing him for years.

7 Life Lessons from Tristan Tate

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  1. This is inspiring and helpful… recently stopped hanging out with my smokers friends cause I was feeling shit about my life and I want to make a difference… be more positive and financially stable. Lately been watching and studying a few online courses but still confuse on where to start from. I believe in myself and I got the potentials to be better in life. Thanks

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