3 Lessons Working With Andrew Tate Taught Me

Andrew Tate is one of the most famous people on the internet. Most only see random clips of him on the internet. I’ve lived with him. Here are 3 Lessons Working With Andrew Tate Taught Me

3 Lessons Working With Andrew Tate Taught Me

He’s one of those people you either love, hate, or agree with at least some of his points. I understand you. Whether you like him a lot or don’t, read this article. I know the man behind the fame and he’s a generous and kind person.

You of all people should know how narratives can be turned any way the powers that be want them to. Especially if you have a message that encourages positive empowerment and strength.

Lesson 1) SPEED

Waste no time sitting on an idea. Opportunities come and go within hours. Instead make a plan and MOVE.

Where most mess up?

Most hear him say move with SPEED and think it means move quickly. While figuring things out later. Wrong. Move with SPEED to make a plan then act.

I learned this with one of the first projects we launched. Most people would’ve taken 3 months to…

  • make a website
  • create a sales-page
  • think about marketing

While he told me we NEED this live within 2 days. No excuses. My Mind told me – impossible. But I gave my word and had to make it real.

I organized a plan:

  • 1 person to make a website
  • I’ll work on an email series
  • 1 person will make a advert
  • 1 person will make graphics

We launched everything within 28 hours. I didn’t mindlessly get to work. Instead I defined an outcome, built a plan, identified WHO could help me, and then we acted.

From there we tweaked our methods as we went. THIS is what he means when he says SPEED.

Lesson 2) Life is Work

Average men limit their work to a way of making money. This is why they dream of relaxation. Elite men view their entire life as work.

Not for the reason of just making money. They work for something greater than themselves.

When you’ve got purpose:

Everything becomes work. From getting results for your clients. To hitting the gym. To building a relationship with your girl and having children.

A man of purpose, is a man who’s life is WORK.

Lesson 3) Be a Professional

Too many people go through the world without any intention. Mindlessly scrolling on social media.

Mindlessly walking the earth without a destination.

While a professional…

A professional sets his intention for the day. When he speaks, he has a purpose behind what he’s saying. When he scrolls on social media it is to earn money, network, or learn.

When you are a professional?

You live by a code and control your own mind AKA life. This was one of the biggest things that stuck with me tbh.

From the moment I met Andrew Tate, I realized he used the word conscious repeatedly. I’d NEVER thought about it really.

It wasn’t until living with him that I saw the true meaning. YOU can take control of your life when you start using your own mind. Start small by controlling your self-talk.

No complaining or negative brainwashing.

Only speak positively to yourself and others.

Continue reading about brainwashing here.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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